Sunday, October 31, 2010

work hard play hard

well the season is just a day or say away. i might be done tomorow or possibly in the next couple of days or so. the season has been pretty profitable actually its been my most profitable summer yet so thats deffinitley a plus. im super excited for vegas and ill be leaving within the week. i got my trailer all loaded up and im pretty much just waiting for the last day of work then ill be outta here. im actually glad i baught that trailer even though im going to sell it for pretty much the same price it was a good decision to buy it. my stuff fills it up pretty good i mean theres some room to stack stuff like the couple peices of furniture i buy in vegas and also i saw another 6x10 trailer while i was doing arrons and it looked older and in worse shape and they were selling it for 4900 vs. mine which is newer in better shape for 3500 so even though im gonna sell it, it makes the purchase feel better on my side. as far as poker i really havnt played the last 2 weeks at all i had to do cleaning and all that stuff. i decided if my walls are ever dirty again im going to paint them rather then wash and wipe them. i mean my walls wernt filthy or anything just a couple spots that had a little dirty spots from dust or whatever but the work of cleaning them made me say wow this move totally isnt worth it. but it really is. also i when i get to colorado i plan on staying at my aunts place probablly for like a week or so its only like 1000 or so miles away from vegas so i can set up a bunch of appointments to veiw apartments around the first and then drive down there and hopefully move right in with out having to stay at a questionable 20$ a night motel lol.

for the poker i did play thats my graph lol 8500 hands this month wooo. lol when i 24 table that will be like a day of play lol anyways up 53.50 for the month so atleast im up for the month had a bit of a downswing from what i can remember but yeah still up for the month. im really feeling good about this upcoming season it will be like 4.5-5 months of straight poker pretty much a dream for me anyways. im not gonna post my new season goals and expectations quite yet. for one im ususing a coffee shops internet cause im at my friends place till i leave and he doesnt have interweb so im resorted to kaladi bros internet haha thats alright though. and secondly i plan on going into a lot of details so it will take a while for me to complete and will take concentration which right now i really dont have haha. soooo i think im done with this post i think the next post will be when i stop in canada at a hotel and im sure it will be a bit more interesting than this one so dont let this post stop you from reading my posts i need followers haha alright later dreamers

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