Monday, October 4, 2010

monday love

im posting today for a couple reasons yesterday when i posted it sounded really boring to me and i really didnt even get to any of the topics really that i thaught about the whole week haha. im pretty sure i wont talk about them on this post either though lol. buuuuuut i just played the last 5400 fpp satalite and ran like a god pretty much so after the exchange rate and i lost a couple hands today im sitting on 1174$ a nice little rebound id say. im deffintley not going straight to 50nl like i did last time actually i might not even move to 25nl. for a couple of reasons one is that i only have about 2 weeks left of play maybe a little more im not sure though and for that reason whenever i get settled in where ever im at and i 24 table i want to have 1oo buy ins at every level so so to play 10nl i wanna have 1700$ for 2nl 5nl and 10nl im going to deposit 500$ like i said and i might even just start out at 5nl in the beggining just to get use to mass tabling before i jump to 10nl not that 10nl is hard or anything i just wanna limit my losses just starting out and by the way if i lose at 10nl i might just shoot myself lol playing at that level and being new to 24tabling im going to play pretty tight starting off which is perfect for 10nl there are so many fish that tiht play is super profitable. right now im running at 1.01/bb over 2500 hands i know thats a super small sample buuut if i can hold anything above zero (which i should be able to)then ill be able to show profit pretty fast. this upcomming season im not too worried about making alot of money online i more so want to get 24 tabling down and show consistent results and really work on my game some more so that ill be ready for the 2012 season. but in live play ill be playing 200nl which is pretty comparable to 25nl so as far as making any decent profit it will probablly come from there who knows i might actually make enough live to stake myself online in 2012 but if i dont thats alright. im giving myself 20 buy ins in live play. obviously live play is pretty slow so even if i were to go on a downswing it should take a while so im hoping 20 buyins is enough id feel more comftorable with 30 buyins i can easily afford it but i dont really feel like having that much i dont know maybe im over thinking things we'll find out when i get there if i do... i really do wanna go to vegas this winter instead of working lol im sure anyone would haha sometimes when i think about it it seems like when i get to seattle i have a pretty good chance of getting hired but then other times i think about it it seems like i dont have that good of a chance this year i dont know i guess we'll see when the time comes for that as well. going back to multi tabling if anyone has read frosty012's blog he has a video of him multitabling im pretty much gonna jock his setup seeing how ill have table ninja as well so yeah. one thing im not so sure of though is my laptop its about 2 years old. its still pretty fast but when a bunch of programs are running then it gets a little laggy and its also only a 12" i think so i dont know how it will do while multitabling. if i have to i dont mind buying a desktop just for poker pretty much. i mean i think id get one eventually and its for my hobby so i dont know i might not need to get it we'll see when the time comes on that issue as well lol. also while playing 24 tables its gonna be all business. right now when i 4 table im checking emails watching videos reading blogs doing everything i mean i only have 2 hours after work to do stuff so i gotta multi task lol. but while i mass table there isnt any room to have your consentration on anything else. im going to have music going but it seems like i play pretty well with music going so it wont really be a distraction. also if i move to vegas or even seattle ill plan on making a couple videos or so allthough it would be a more intersesting video if i were in vegas. ill make it interesting either way. sooooo i pretty much covered a lot of the topics that i totally spaced out on yesterday, this post turned out a lot better then the last one haha. well im gonna finish up my session for today and ill probablly post whenever somthing else comes to mind so keep the glass half full till then

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