Sunday, October 24, 2010

wooo sunday morninngg

ok so i just got back from going out with my friend from kidergarten. m,an that was fun, the guys from workin never showed up either they went somwheere else or just didnt wana come out either way dosnt really matter. one of the guys from the other dredge came out but i never did meet up with him he didnt answer his phone when i tried to reach him so i was like ok me and my kindergarten buddy from here on out. we got together around midnight he didnt really have money so i baught him like 4 or 5 drinks i dont mind it was a reaquaintence i wouldnt make a habit out of it but its my last weeknd sunay off in town so i dont really care. but yeah hes pretty gangster out i dont discriminate against anyone i have friends from all races and nationalities so it dosnt bother me. i was able to catch up on my ebonics though thats for sure lol. all in all though it was a fun time really great time getting to hang out with him and having fun in the clubs dancing a bit and everything inbetween. if vegas is even twice this. (although i know its like 5x this) it is going to be a blast. good thing too is that ill be able to pregame in the casinos before i go to the clubs haha im such a pennie pincher lol. i got some arrons donetoday though after work me and a friend were able to cash my piggey bank for a 100$ and then some video games i dont play for another 20$ so that was all good. i thimnk i might play some 2nl or maybe 5nl cause im still rather tipsy maybe even drunk i dont know but yeah deff. dont want to blow my bankroll. (see im still smart even thoough im drunk, must count for somthing in a poker player). so i might even post another entry before i go to sleep today for work we'll see how it goes. oh and another thing i went to best buy today just to look at desk tops and you can get a really nice one for like 950-1100 . and thats at best buy, if you get one at an actuall computer place it can be like 100$ cheaper so it is a lot less expensive then i thaught so that is good. oook immma try and play some poker wish me luck lol.

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