Sunday, October 10, 2010

for what its worth

this week has been super interesting. ill start with poker i suppose. on monday i won like a buy in or somthing like that and then tuesday i didnt play cause i wanted to say bye to my friend leaving to cali (might of been wednesday.. cant remember :S )
and then wednesday i fell to a buy in below thursday was awesome in many aspects that i will get to later but i was able to bring in up to +10$ and then friday hit and in 500 hands i won 40$ or 4 buy ins wich is a pretty decent win rate, saturday hit and there was another 50$. so im up almost 10 buy ins for this week which feels great even though it is 10nl and im pretty much garunteed to win at those stakes i feel good to see a positive week. on friday and saturday i played good i feel. i got payed off a lot due to there being more fish on the weeknd oh and its 10nl lol. usually i get called on my bluffs and they fold on my made hands but it was the other way around this time haha. but all in all i do feel i played good i just felt like somthing switched this week and felt like i had a lot of control this week on every play that i was doing theres one hand ill try and put up even though it wasnt a big pot i gave myself props for the call. also made some good laydowns and a couple hero calls so i feel good about this weeks play.

as for thursday goes first off i get paid every thursday not really a big deal but it was just another thing to check off on the goodness. but alaskan residents get a dividend check every year for the oil money the state makes or the taxes it earns on it or somthin anyway free oil money pretty much so this year the check was 1280$ so that was a nice little sweetner and then i started going into the positive side of the graph on thursday so everything just connected so well.

as far as life goes theres a few things going on i suppose. first off this upcoming week will be the last week of regular poker before i start packing. the more and more we talk about it at work the more it sounds like were gonna be done with the job november first i glad we'll be done by then if we are, but also id also like to keep working. i mean i pretty much set everything up so that id be moving by the first but 2 more weeks of work is a lot of money so it goes both ways i guess. also i think ive made a decision about my move. i think im going to go straight to vegas this year. at the end of the job ill still pitch my name to them and tell them im interested in the future but i want this winter for myself. ill have the next summer with them also so im garunteed work next summer so thats not an issue and then im pretty much planning to move to washington the winter of 2012 and im pretty sure i can get on with them full time just as easily as id be able to this winter so i want to spend this winter for myself and have fun and then ill really be dedicated to my work after that. my new season of pokers coming up the first of november too. since i usually end the season then thats when my new year of poker kinda starts up. so ill be reposting my thaughts about the upcoming year and my goals and everything like that. also i renamed my blog it used to be an "enthused poker player" but not i changed it to "enroute to robusto". im still an enthused poker player but i wanted a change and i feel the new heading better suits my veiw of poker now. for anyone not into poker lingo robusto pretty much means like a big bankroll or a decent amount of money or things like that. i think it labels my status pretty good now. ive got a good outlook this coming year a good couple years expeirience and im really seeing a difference in my play i really feel like this year ill see drastic changes but i will get into that more when i post for the upcoming year. as far as the poker law in washington goes. im kinda in a loof about it. i dont think theyd be able to tell if i would be playing in washington if i have all my account info still in ak but if they can and they stop me from playing there im going to have to resort to playing at full tilt. ill be able to 16 table there which i think is the max and all though i wont get and fpp bonuses they do have rakeback so ill still be able to make some free money so all hope isnt quite lost its just pokerstars is like the beesknees for a poker reg and theres not much else to it. also im kinda worried about this upcoming season of poker only about my lappy... i mean its a good laptop still fast but a lot of programs running and it lags a bit. ive heard plenty of people discuss how running hem drastically lags your play and then add 24 tables to the mix and your froze. so ill try it but i think more so than not ill end up getting a desk top which im fine with i mean whenever i get a real place in washington id prolly end up getting one its just you cant carry a desktop with you everywhere you go. like im going to be traveling a lot when i get on with my job and ill play poker after work so i guess ill just have to multi table like 15 tables or somthing which kinda sucks cause i wont be getting that much volume but itll be alright i suppose. anyway heres that hand i mentioned

well that actually just gos to the page of all the hands i was in that day but if you go to the hands that you can see the whole cards and then the 2.43 pot hand thats the one... ill work on figuring out that hand replayer sometime in november untill then im sorry lol

so when the flop came i checked he checked i felt like he had a flush draw j10 or ak the dimond came on the turn i dont remember exactly what i was thinking but i bet out and he just flatted so it really didnt change what i thaught about his hand it also kinda added either an A or K of dimonds to the mix the river was a blank and he bet out small which i guess could be a small value with a flush but at that time in that situation i really felt like he either missed a draw or had missed his whole cards. like i said the pot wasnt that big but to call with a small pocket pair i had to be confident i was ahead and i was. pretty much how the whole week went though almost all my showdowns i won so yeah things are going good so far. ill make sure to add on if i can think of other things but untill then fellow degenerates keep tuned

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