Thursday, October 21, 2010

the end is nigh

im deciding to do a mid week post because im done packing woooo actually wasnt hard at all if i had the time i coulda did it in 8 hours straight a couple hours were spend kinda arranging and going through some stuff but yeah all i pretty much have is my bedroom a home gym and some things i had in my garage so pretty tight and light just like i like it. so with packing out of the way ill have free time after work well until like the last couple days so i dont know what im going to do with the free time... oh perhaps poker what a fine idea. yeah i should be able to get 5 or 6 days of poker in so probablly 10-12 hours lol im still up for the month like 5 buyins or somwhere around there so hopefully i can win some more for a decent last month of work. it also looks like were gonna have this sunday off unless they decide otherwise in the next couple days which means its time to drown my soul in wiskey and vodka lolof course making a fool out of my self at the clubs while i do it. its been like 5-6 weeks since me or any of the guys that i work with had any party time also the other dredge crew gets sunday off and when we all get together it gets wild lol. also i recently found an old freind thanks to facebook. his mom was my babysitter in kindergarten and we were like best freinds inseperable untill they moved away the next year never talked to him again saw him at my highschool for like a month but itd been so long since we talked i didnt say anything then he moved outta state, but now hes back and i think he might go out saturday night with me which will be fun to get reaqauinted. hes an aspiring hip hop artist. im not a music critic but his music sounds pretty good and im not just saying that is his music page if your interested in hip hop check it out. as far as work goes. the end is oh so close they are really talking about the first wel start lashing the dredge down on the 31st and be done with it that day which would work out perfect for me seeing how i gotta be outta here on that day but they could have us stay a week or 2 later if thats what they want so i cant really give a definit date untill like a day before lol. i plan on only staying at a couple of places once i do get on the road. whitehorse in canada, then in washington at the tulalip casion i plan on playing there for 5 or 6 hours if they have a decnt nl spread going on and then colorado at my aunts place for a couple nights then onward to vegas ill try and blog about it wherever i stop if theres internet and what not. im super excited but i try not to think about it so im not so antsy about it. its not even the move to vegas its just being able to move some where that ill be warm have a lot of fun and be entertained for the winter so its totally worth it for me. also my new season goals will be coming up on the first im looking forward to that post but i dont know if i will be able to post it seeing how i might be on the road so it might take a little while to get it up. ill leave it at that for now and ill post again mostlikely on sunday later home fries

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