Wednesday, October 6, 2010


im quiting poker... for the day ha anyway my main friend that i hang out with on my time off is leaving for cali for 2 months so i decided since im leaving for the winter thatd i go say farewell for the winter and hang out for a bit. also i needed to cut my hair so i had to put poker on the back burner. also my last friend that i sometimes hang out with i still consider him my friend though but hes leaving to hawaii like november 15th so with my last friends moving away with all the rest of my friends either in college or millitary or whatever it makes my move out of the state that much more justifiable. i mean all the reasons that im moving to vegas i could also use for moving to washington but CMON its vegas im young single and this might be the only winter i got left for me so i gotta live it up and thats if i even make it past seattle soooo no promises yet. on another disasterous note (besides murdering that word) i emailed pokerstars about not being a resident to washington state but playing online while there. thats one thing that pokerstars has that no other site has and thats customer service there customer service is top notch any player will say that and they get back to you promptly and each email is answered personally and not just copied and pasted from a regulations page or somthing. wish that made a difference in my case lol but it doesnt. so i asked them that since im a resident of ak can i play in washington while im "visiting" i pretty much asked them that to see about it so if i do end up staying there. but their answer was that although id be visiting they do not allow any real money play online for pokerstars. i also looked at their regulations page and this is what it says

"May I play if I ordinarily live outside Washington, but I am visiting Washington?

It is not permitted to play for real money while in the state of Washington. Even if you are simply visiting, you may not play on PokerStars while you are there".

...pretty vague right? so my guess is that they kept it that short because they cant really determine if you are playing in washington or not. and really i dont know if theyd be able to as for my situation ill have all my info kept as alaska info like my address and accounts and anything else im keeping it all alaskan even if i stay there im going to so unless they can determin that the internet connection that id be using is from the state of washington then they wouldnt be able to know that im playing there. but their fraud detection is also pretty top notch and although im not trying to cheat anything they might just be able to detect where my internet connection comes from while. if i dont end up staying in washington im gonna try and play there while i pass through just to see if they can detect it cause i do plan on living there in the future just not this winter if i can help it haha. so thats kinda a little hurdle in my path hopefully washington will wise up in the next year and allow it again or somthing i dont know.

works going good its getting close to the end and with that said rumors always fly at the end of the job. i dont really pay to much attention to them untill they actually happen ive learned not to get excited over things like that. but some of them rumors going around are that we'll be done nov. 1st or possibly last week of nov. which when i started the season i already knew wed most likely end nov. 1st thats pretty much has always been the last day sometimes a week before or after but usually right around there anyway. before that though they said they wanted us to stay as long into nov. as we could which realistically would be the middle of nov. but with all the rumors flying we'll just have to see when i really do finish the season. i cant wait though pretty much 3-5 more weeks and then ill be on the road to wherever (hopefully vegas).

as far as poker goes for this week pretty mediocre so far monday i think i ended up like 15-20bb's up or somthing then yesterday i lost like a buyin and im not playing today so kinda so so. i think thats the one thing im more excited for is actually being able to spend time playing poker not just a max of 2 hours a day man thats getting lame.

yeah so those are my thaughts so far so keep tuned fellow cosmonauts

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