Sunday, October 24, 2010

sunday second post

when i posted earlier i was comming off my drunken stuper so i wasnt all there haha actually played poker as well, 5nl. pretty much break even probablly played like 3k hands i didnt really pay attention to much to everything the most i was up or down was like a buy in nothing amazing i just felt like playing i think when i started i was 5.5 buyins up and now im at 5.25 buyins up so i lost like a quarter buyin lol. anyways i kinda wanted to put a little more info in on how my night went cause i wasnt very descriptive. also i cant sleep for some reason i got a lot of thaughts going through my head about everything so i might have a ruff night ahead of me at work tonight. so as far as my saturday night goes. i was pretty much the talk of the club. seriously though i had a t shirt on that goes to the beat of the music and lights up to the sound so everyone was like amazed by that i had like no joke 20 girls talk to me because it. i went up to the bar to get a drink and a girl i was standing next to asked if i thaught she was attractive. i was like..... what haha i didnt know what to say how often does a girl strive for your attention at a club lol so the whole night was a blast the only regret i have is that i wore the shirt. its one of those things you dont want to bring out im public cause you know people will jock the style but oh well first time i seen it in ak so i got credit to bringin it to ak if it starts popping up every where. actually i got the idea from my friend hes got the same shirt and a different one but dosnt go to clubs yet so i suppose i jocked him (my bad home skillet lol) anyways enough about the shirt. meeting my old kindergarten best friend was pretty awesome in its self like i said a couple posts ago hes an aspiring hip hop artist, gots a studio in his house and everything. i know the likelyhood of him making it is pretty slim but you cant blame anyone for going after there passion wether they end up poor or rich what matters the most is that you went after somthing you love doing. but besides that we had a blast. because we were entertaining each other i didnt really get to much one on one female time beside the awkward am i attractive comment from the attention deprived female at the bar. she was actually attractive too usually how it works i guess. so me and him just drank the night away only bounced between 2 clubs once usually im all over the place at every club and bar but we were having a good time at each club so we didnt need to go anywhere else. on the bad side i get bad hangovers whenever i over endulge in alcoholic consumption. im only 145 i might be 150 now but im 5'11'' i think so im pretty slender. lanky i gues :/ lol hahah no i got a good build though but yeah im still on the rather slender side but yeah so alcohol hits me pretty hard and it doesnt leave after i go to sleep for some reason weird huh??? thats why when im in vegas i prolly wont even party hard except a couple times a month i mean ill go to the clubs if there not to packed to get in and just sip a little bit and mingle it up but as far as getting slitherd thats not goin to be a frequent occurance. i plan on getting addicted to cocaine while im there anyway so thats all good..... lol just kidding im a pretty straight kind just alcohol is all i endulge in. so im pretty excited about everything by next monday i should be starting the next chapter of my life this trip is so much more than just moving to vegas for the winter its a first for many things one of which is living on my own for the first time im a mamas boy haha jk but yeah i 23 in a couple weeks so i figure its time to step out into the world plus if i ever manage to drag a hood rat back home itd be kinda weird with my mom being home lol. i kinda stayed at home the past 4 years to kinda help her out if that helps my situation at all. shes kinda in a difficult spot but its lookin better every year for her but yeah i help her out. see im still a good kid. im just a degenerate poker player haha. i have huge expectations in poker this year the more and more i think about it the expectations get bigger its gonna kinda suck when i fall flat on my face and go busto again lol jk but yeah that will be the next post i do i believe when i do my new season post so ill leave it at that and continue next time from there so stay tuned lovers

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