Friday, October 15, 2010

mid month review

this is actually my first mid month review. since im starting to get pretty serious into everything envolving poker im pretty serious about logging my reviews so once the new season starts up ill be doing mid months, monthly, quarters, half year, and yearly reports as well as any other time i feel like posting. to do a quick recap on the first half of the month last week i ran pretty hot i won like 11 buy ins or somthing like that well now this week is the opposite i havnt lost 11 buyins but im on the downswing which im fine with thats one of the major things about poker is the swings. there going to happen no matter who you are but im pretty comfident in my play and im sure it will be back on its way up shortly. i have been playing pretty poorly as well this week, yesterday i tried making a hero call that turned out horrible lost a stack there and then one of my last hands i had ak suited on the turn with 2 cards to my suit on board guy had qq so if i woulda shoved it pre it woulda been a flip but i elected to play it out anyway on the turn he over be the pot by like 30bb putting him all in and forcing me to make the right fold... that is if i would have made the fold DOH. on that hand it should have been a no brainer to throw it away all i was beating was a bluff and although the line he took seemed weird i wasnt abosloutly crazy so yeah. on my part though it was one of my last hands for the session i only get about 2 hours to play after work so im kinda on a timed session for right now so i had a big hand at the end of the session and i wanted to win i didnt care about playing correctly i just wanted to win and it cost me. well lesson learned and ill pay more attention to that. even though this week is going pretty poorly im still up for the month my rolls at 1228. im not sure if this will be the last week of my play before i move or not so this could be my monthly and season review as well haha. i did accomplish one thing though i wanted to get to atleast 1200 before i moved so that when i deposit 500$ ill be rolled enough for 100 buyins up to 10nl for when i start 24 tabling. i think when i get settled in and get internet im just gonna go ahead and get the desktop and make things simpler on my part but ill get to that when the time comes. works going good other than today just one of those days. its also getting cold out 25-30 degrees is the average now its still looking like we will be done the first maybe a week before or after but right around there anyway and omg i cant wait, not only am i burned out from working 6 days a week 12 hours a day for 6 months but im ready to get the hell out of ak for the winter i do looove the money though lol. i know things have been kinda boring in the life aspect of the blog as of late but i promise they will get pretty spicy here once i move.. ill make them get spicy or zesty or any other hot reference to food you can think of... anywhoozle heres my graph.

another thing is that you can see im above my all in ev which you might think is good but to me i dont like that as much although it does show that your running good it also shows that you got your money in bad and were lucky enough to win which i dont like that i like getting my money in good i will take the money no matter how i get it but id rather not depend on luck if i had my choice but deff. dont take this as a complaint haha. pretty much 2 more days left till i start packing and doing whatever else i need to do... a lot of masturbation hahaha jk maybe not but ill do an end of week review maybe i can win some of my losses back this weeknd. i just cant wait to be in a suny warm place with a pina colada while girls in bikinis walk around and then me trying to decide if i wanna try and win some money off the tourists today orrr hit on some girls at the tiki bar next to the pool ahhhh. oh sorry started day dreaming there but yeah lattteerrrrssss

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