Sunday, October 17, 2010


so the week is over with and i cant say that im sorry to see it go. actually to start of the week poker was going pretty good was up like 3.5 buy ins or somthing around there and then bam doom switch i think i was on a 5 day downswing. was really hoping for the weeknd to bring decent results but nothing ever came but today ohhh today i think ive started going back up the hill. i started off the session pretty mediocore (if thats how you spell it) but nothing to huge i think i lost a buy in untill the last hour of my wopping 2 hour sessions i play haha. well i went from 1295 at my high point i think is what it was down to 1215 and now i think im going back up im at 1239 so pretty much 2.5 buyins up today from my lowest point so maybe it might keep going up. oh that is if i kept playing haha. today is supposed to be my last day of play before i pack. i really dont have that much stuff pretty much just my bedroom and a home gym machine and a couple other things so realistically it would only take me a couple days to get together so im pretty sure ill still have some time to play. i didnt want to post another graph quite yet just incase i do get some more playing in. either way ill do a a couple more posts at least and a monthly reveiw even if i dont get anymore playing time. this past week felt pretty bad though. first work is kinda dragging on. i think its more mentally than anything else cause we pretty much have 2 weeks left ( maybe a little more or less) so thats on everyones mind and i think its just the anticipation of getting the season over with which makes the last part of the job so difficult to deal with but soon enough itll be over and ill have plenty of time to provide myself with misadventures haha. also i really felt like my play was horrible this week even though i might be starting a comeback i think its more from luck than skill and i hate that. i am really glad though that i baught hem. ive only got about 8500 hands on there but it will give me enough things to review while im on the road and anytime between now and vegas. also im really glad that im underplaying my bankroll i think thats one of the biggest leaks ive come accross. ive always been good at following bankroll managment there hasnt really been a problem there. but ive never really delved into buy in managment. yes they are kinda the same thing but they are different as well. but this downswing i just went through if i was playing at 25nl id have to move down most likely and then it would take me twice as long to get to where i was. so i believe its just another step in becoming a decent regular. well november 1st is the begining of the new season for poker for me cause thats when my job usually ends and thats the time i get the most poker in. so its kinda like the begining of the new year for me so sometime around the first ill do a post reviewing my last season and the upcoming season, should be some juicy stuff in that post.

as far asmy life outside of poker... i have no life jk but pretty much i dont haha theres talk of us having this upcoming sunday off and boy if we do i think everyone is going to come in hungover the next day theres 2 other dredges on the same job and ones about to go back to washington we usually never have coordinating days off but when we do we pretty much tear up the town haha ( were just a bunch of drunken dredge hands anyways) but yeah if we have sunday of best believe were going out saturday night and if we do you best believe im gonna make a fool of myself shiiiit ahah soo other than that same ol same ol for a couple more weeks any ways im getting pretty antsy thinking about the move i just cant wait to get out of ak. till next time listners keep your radios tuned to etr 1000000038384.5 the fuzzzz

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