Sunday, October 3, 2010

september review./ new thaughts

shits all wack crackers.. haha so i have a lot to explain im going to start by recaping september i started september with 907$ and played 50nl i was doing alright but i really didnt leave myself any room for a downswing which happens of course. so i was quick to find myself at the 25nl tables i was doing fine there as well untill another downswing was occuring it was about the middle of the month and it dawned on me (took me 2 years) i dont give myself enough leway for downswings i explain it a lot better in a previous post but i dont feel like getting into it right now and restating what ive already put in another post. longstory short about a week ago i was down to 100$ i switched from 6 max to full ring. 6 max has way more swings and varriance combined with me not giving myself enough room for a downswing spelled disaster so i switched back to full ring. i can say playing 6 max has made me so much better of a player and now that im back at full ring i can see a lot of mistakes that players are making. so thats a plus for me. as far as the bankroll issue goes i had 45,000 fpp's left so i played the 5400 satalites all this week i really focused on them and played one a day when it would pop up id shut all my other tables and jsut focus on the tourney. i did pretty exceptional ive won 4 out of 6 and one of the ones i lost i should have won but i made a set on the river and the guy hit a runner runner flush so yeah. i still have one more to play and i feel confident about it. all together my bankroll is sitting at 969$ 850 of tourney dollars though i found a site that will let you trade your tourney dollars for usd at a rate of 99% so thats pretty good hopefully i can win this last one i play and have even more of a after a huge swing im actually up for september by like 60$. thanks to fpp's

for my next topic ill talk about my future thaughts and current play. right now im playing 4 tables of 10nl. ive been playing with hem this whole week and its a really good program you can go over your play so well and review so many things its a great tool for evaluating and improving your game. the player stats in my opinion are a mass multitablers tool. if you play 4-8 tables and you can focus on all your opponents then you dont really need hem or the stats if your not that serious about your game but if your a regular or really trying to work on your game hem is almost a must. which leads me to this topic. after this job is over im planing on 24 tabling at stars. before i stated that if i move to vegas ill play on fulltilt with 600$ get the 100% deposit bonus and get rakeback. but after thinking about it in 2012 im going to 24 table 100nl (either 100nl or 50nl ill decide when its time) so inspite of that i realized that the 100% deposit bonus at fulltilt will always be there as well as rake of the main reasons im going to stay at stars is because of multitabling. on fulltilt i think you can only play 16 tables at once but i really need the practice so i need to practice playing 24 tables which stars lets you do. another thing is when the job is over if i move to vegas im gonna deposit 500$ this winter and then 4000$ for live play. so i should have a roll around 1500 and ill start 24 tabling at 10nl and see how things go. also im going to purchase table ninja. any serious reg who 24 tables and uses that software swears by it. it makes 24 tabling so much easier. its not designed to improve your game just make things go quicker for you and it pretty much pays for itself as well as hem. as far as me moving goes. the job is extended to as far into november as we can work before the ice shows up. but pretty much i think the latest we'll be there is middle of november so i have 4-6 weeks of work left im going to start packing oct. 17th which only leaves me 2 weeks left of play i have to put all my stuff in storage and stay with a friend after nov. 1st cause i thaught that was when id be leaving so that was the last day for rent but yeah. and my friend doesnt have internet so ill be without poker for about 2 months once i get set up at my new place. that is if i make it to vegas ill be driving there and plan on stopping in seattle to talk to the company that i work fors vp of operations or somthing like that so if he says he has work for me then ill live there in washington if not ill still move to vegas. if i do end up in washington this winter things will change a little bit ill probablly put another 2k online and still 24table. my goal this winter is to practice 24tabling study my play and really imerse myself in everything poker. so once 2012s winter rolls around ill be all ready to go for 100nl. one problem though is that washington just passed a bill making online poker illegal in the state. i dont know if that would matter to me cause im going to have everything like address and accounts and everything like that still in ak so it will be like im a resident of ak but just in washington so i should still be able to play as long as i dont change my info but we'll see.

that picture is of the dredge i work on now i also work on a crane dredge ill post pictures of that another time. anyway its a really unique job no matter what i wouldnt ever quit my job for poker unless i was making some ungodley amount like 200k a year. my job is the main reason a can play poker and even think about attempting 24tabling 100nl for next year so yeah.

thats my graph for the week pretty mass amount of volume huh lol yeah well id probablly be able to play about 2500 more hands but i played the satalites which took 30 minutes each and i worked today (sunday) so im not gonna play today. but pretty much i just stayed around a buyin up the whole week. i ran into a super fish like a few days ago that staked off when i had a set on the flop and there was 3 hearts on the flop and we got it all in ad he had AK no hearts which gave him top pair. and then he stacked off another time with somthing rediculus but im not complaing might be the only reason im up this week haha. anyways the cool loking graph is the only reason i really baught hem anyways lol no but it is cool to graph your results and recap on them. this upcoming winter im going to start logging my wins and losses as well. i know i already state how much i won or loss but ill have a little side section on my winnings or losses as pretty excited for this winter no matter where i end up ill 24 table an i really feel confident in my play and i feel im really going to see a lot of results. i no im forgetting so much i need think i might start blogging right when i have the ideas cause when i comes time to post it i forget everything haha but untill the next time zip it up and zip it out....(dave chapelle quote)

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