Sunday, September 26, 2010


well imma do a frosty012 and supply myself with a drunken blog actually only half drunk. no one reads this so it doesnt matter quite yet. first of all i downloaded hem like i said i was going to god what i f-ing goat rope that was. first of all i purchased it and then downloaded it which was fine and then when i first ran it i was trying to search for my name and nothing came up for my name or anyone elses i was like wtf. im obviously new to the software and being new to any software you dont know how it works exactly i spent about 3 hours trying to figure out why i couldnt find my name, turns out in the pokerstars lobby the option to save hand histories to my hard drive was turned off and holdem manager needs handhistories to be able to process data obv. im not a super patient guy so the whole time i was ahhh wtf this is dummmb i knew it shouldnt be that hard to run because almost every serious poker player uses it so i was like what am i doing wrong i was pretty focused on solving the problem because i wanted to use the software and i didnt want to just throw 90$ away like that. anyway after all said and done 3 hours after purchasing it and and doing research to fix my problem i had it up and running correctly and after that i won my first million i wish. no it is pretty interesting comparing numbers to peoples actual actions you can customize a lot of things with that program and it does help you identify a lot of things. i can see a lot of use for it especially later on. i only used it for about 4 hours actually ended up losing half a buy in :( but i will be able to fine tune it the more i use it. now for tonight or i should say last night... saturday night to be precise. since im working nights i try to maintain my sleep schedule so im not dragging ass at work when i go in for monday but anyway i went to a car show at like noon saturday and looked at a bunch of clasics and hot rods along with some pretty sweet choppers the two guys i were with were a little young 19 and his bro 16 so they didnt really appreciate a rebuilt classic car but there was some nice stuff there. then dropped them off and wwent to sleep for about 5 hours and got ready to go out for the night. i hadnt been out drinking for about 5 or 6 weeks so i was a little excited to go club/bar hoppin all my drinking associates i knew had other stuff going on so it was me on my lonesome. i started at like 10 pm and sipped a little bit and wasnt really feelin the night itd been so long since i partied i was kinda out of it. but after a couple of bars and when midnight rolled around i was having a bit of fun. i havnt really hit on a chick sober yet lol...... but when im tipsy or stubling haha, i will talk to them ( i keep telling myself once i move and have more free time ill ask girls out to dates outside of bars). i went up to this pretty cute girl that was with a couple friends that seemed like she was out of the loop asked her a couple questions and she wasnt in to me so i was like ok haha. i dont mind getting rejected its part of the game so to speak. then i was hangin in the club movin to the music when i saw a group of cute girls (hot). they were all dancing except one that was kinda texting and being conservative so i waited for an opening and struck like a cobra lol. turns out she was russian ooooomgggg seriously i think if i ever get married i want my wife to be russian, but besides the poin we talked for a bit prolly 30-45 minutes and she said she was going to go with her friends to do somthing but shed be right back. she seemed pretty into me but i also know that thats code for "ill see you around but not really". so i waited for like 10 minutes just to see if she would come back cause she was pretty into me... well 10 minutes came and gone and i was like ok im not gonna wait around the whole night for somone i just met so i went and got another drink and was just enjoying the club i ended back around the same spot she sayed shed come back to about 30 minutes later and she was there. the only problem was another guy was talking to her.... damnittttt i guess i should have waited a little longer. she was hot to. im not much for hooking up with girls straight from bars. i mean i will if there willing but i think im more of a guy that will meet the girl take her on a couple dates then go in for the kill i dont know maybe im classy or maybe not who knows . one thing i do know is that it was too long of a time that i hadnt gone up to a girl and talked to her. that first girl i talked to i was nervous and had to get courage to talk to her and then after being rejectected i was back to normal and was like ok theres the confident me now lets find another girl. if i do make it to vegas or even seattle i plan on dating quite a bit. not any girlfriends but just taking girls out on dates and stuff like that figuring out what i really like. i allready know though i want my wife to be russian hahahah. but yeah this winter i should have plenty of time to date around. ill blog about everything as well. im gonna try and stay up for a bit more before sleepy time i know this post pretty much had nothing to do about poker but gl at the tables and stay tuned

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