Saturday, September 25, 2010

hopefull thaughts/ 2012 thaughts

well ... i think i starty all my blogs with "well" im gonna have to change that... shits all wack crackers. haha ok so today is actually saturday early saturday morning im actually off kinda. i work on the water on a dredge and the water friday was super choppy we usually get pushed around by a tug boat but it got so bad that we were gonna break somthing so another tug came and started towing us instead well halfway through the night cause i work midninght to noon, their tow line broke and we were sailing free for the moment but our tug came and we were able to put another tow line on pretty intense stuff if you were there to witness it. anyways the water is still to crazy to go to work so im kinda on call untill it gets better but they were saying most likely i wont go to work this weeknd. and i plan on getting pretty tossed up tonight so i dont wanna blog hungover in the morning so i thaught why not do it now!!! yeahhhh! haha. so i started the week at 175, moved to full ring. wow the play at 25nl is pretty funny 25nl 6 max is a lot more difficult than full ring and there is a lot more fish at the tables. i was really suprised at some things im seeing i would say 25nl 6max is comparable to 5onl full ring. and 25 nl full ring is comparable to 10nl 6max... if you can make sense of that scramble. well i found a couple things out about playing 25nl full ring. its pretty hard to bluff lol im pretty sure i lose a lot of money trying to bluff bad players so ive pretty much just left myself to a one barrel bluff on the flop but it still seems pretty profitable to semi bluff 2 streets. i even tried bluffing two different regs in two different posts on obv. set/made straights and possible flush boards and they called with over pairs i was like woooooow. so i dont try to bluff that often atleast at 25nl the higher in limits you go the more compitent your players are and the bigger bluffs you can do so ill cool it for now. i was up to like 235$ at one point untill dropping to like 135 before i hit a bankroll saver. ill try and post a clip of it but i ended up catching a full house on the turn with two aces on the flop and the other 2 oponents each had an ace it was like an 85$ pot. and then friday i didnt play cause of getting off work late and running late and everything and i just played about 750 hand the first 250 hands were nuts. i got coolerd 3 times twice on the river and a couple bluffs didnt work which was when i decided ok no more bluffing. i dropped to 125$ and was like well 10nl here i come. but i was able to pull it back a bit and ended up with 176$ before that my friend gave me 10$ to transfer to his account. just a micro stakes guy so i was like ok i can do that but you might have to wait if you want to trade more than that haha, so really i would be at 186$ but whatever. break even this week. from what i saw even though i prolly only played 2500 hands this week so far i can be a winning playe at 25nl pretty easily. the only problem is i still only have 3 buy ins at that level which doesnt leave room for a downswing which im sure is on its way pretty soon. wcoop is going on till tomorow which is the main event i might actually watch it since ill be hungover and prolly wont want to play lol. besides that they arnt gonna do the satalites till after that so i gotta hang on till next weeknd which is when ill mostly try and use all my fpp's (40,000).

on another topic this season for poker is just about up with me since i was planing on moving nov. 1st i planned on being out of my place and on the road to vegas (read my previous posts if you think im an idiot for moving to vegas) well anyway so i gotta be outta here by then. but my work got extended till probablly middle of nov. so ill be homeless jk im going to start paking my stuff up the middle of october and put it in storage and then stay at a friends place so i might only have like 3 weeks left of playing because they dont have internet. ill still try and post even though i wont be playing and by time i get to vegas it will prolly be around dec. 1st and then get internet set up will prolly be middle of dec. so thats like 2 months of no poker online. yikes lol ill play in the casinos before then but yeah lifes making me take a little break haha.

i have so more plans, more so for 2012 then 2011 but i gotta say this first before i get to the next part. ive decided to get hem. pretty much after i post this. ive never been against using it but i jsut never really wanted to because i didnt want to be a statistical player playing soley on numbers and not the actions of the players, but i was reading a blog on a 24 tabling pro at 100nl he actually went through like a 20k down swing and now hes made back 11k like thorught 6 months, but on his blog somone asked whatd he do to turn it around and he sayed he used hem to review his play and find his leaks. i never really looked at hem like that which is the main reason i want to purchase it. im really focused on making my game this year really sound and decent play and hem is a tool where i can review and study. the stats on the other players that come along with it are a bonus i mean i only 4 table and i can pretty much keep concentration on what players are loose and which ones are tight. i dont know the numbers on how many times they raise vs. folding on the flop so it will be interesting to put the numbers with the actions of the players. im not going to be a hem robot though. some player soley rely on using hem for there decion making which can be horribly wrong im just going to use the stats to help direct me towards the right play. plus it graphs your play which is why im really buying it so that i can put that cool graph on my blogs... lol jk hahaha. now i told you that to tell you this. if this season of poker goes decent and i feel like my play is pretty solid even if i end up a slight loser. which my plan is to be a winning player at bare minimum a break even player this year. but if my play looks solid and i have a pretty good idea of if im going to not be working next winter or if im only working 40hrs a week then i think i am going to 24 table on stars at 100nl. pretty big jump i know. theres things that are pushing me towards it though. for the main reason is the vpp bonuses if i 24table 100nl ill become supernova that same month pretty much. and once you get 250,000 fpps wich is about a month of 4ohrs a week at 100nl than you can purchase th 4000$ bonus. so that means even if i lose 3000$ a month ill still be a winner and if i can break even at the tables or be a slight winner ill make 4k plus anything i can make at the tables and thats a really good prospect. i make more than that i my job but still im really thinking about it. im not quiting my job for it or anything like that my job is the main reason id be able to do that but if im only working 40hrs or less a week this winter im really pushing towards the idea. on that same idea i was reading the same 100nl reg that 24tables and he said if your a winning player 50 buy ins should be enough but if not youd be safe with 100 buy ins. so for me since i can affor it i will buy in for 100 buy ins that means ill be dropping 10,000$. it sounds like i have a gambling problem doesnt it lol.the only reason im gonna deposit that much is because the bonuses are there to help you out. and if i do horrible and just see super negative results then ill go back to depositing 2k a year and maybe try it again 3 or 4 years down the road but i am confident i will do good, but its a year a way and plenty of time to think about it and plan it out.

now im gonna try and defend myself from being a bad player haha. on poker table ratings it shows that im down 4800$ but they dont account for tourney winnings. i might actually be down that much at the cash tables maybe. but im really down 3800$ overall. so some skeptics might say well your a losing player and you want to drop 10k yeah thats real smart. but the first 2k was the first time i played real money poker and i was playing against regs which i didnt know i was new at poker. then the next 1k i was learning this last 500 ive been evalutating my play to become a better play thats why im going to see how this next year goes before i make any big decisions. oh yeah i forgot to mention that thats another reason why i was going to get hem was so that i can get use to it for a year before 24tabling with it. it really is a mass tablers tool any.

so those are my thaughts this week im pretty excited for everything coming up in my life just about 6-9 weeks and my life will be pretty suspensfull and exciting and ill try and blog everything i can on the way to the top or to the bottom. either way it will be suspensfull so stay tuned and if you play poker good luck at the table. (shout out to Yaboytizzle who i transfered 10$ to micro grind it up kid)

heres that clip i was talking about its not very good quality im still working on converting hand so yeah.

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