Monday, September 13, 2010

my new season of poker/ up coming life changes

ok so i have sooo much to talk about, first ill tell you about poker this week and work and then ill delve into the upcoming season and expectations and i have to talk a little about my personal life for that and then a couple other things so this is the post ive pretty buch been waiting to do since i started this blog so here goes. first off im on a down swing at poker. monday and tuesday went pretty good i think i started the week at like 493 i believe and bywednesday i had it to 575. then thursday i lost a little and friday- sunday i started the downswing. i was really siked going into the weeknd i was ready to take advantage of the fish that play on the weeknds and to be honest i am really pleased with my play actually that isnt cutting it i thaught my play was very good especially saturday i was making great plays and planed out bluffs and thinking of hands and making hero calls and big laydowns i am very very pleased with how i played- why the downsing then cause i hit a bunch of coolers i think i lost one buy in though due to stupiity but everything else i played great but just time for the downswing my bankroll is down to 423 ugghh, but thats alright im sure it will come up. im posting on monday cause we worked on sunday and i really felt like playing the weeknd out instead of posting so i did gues i should have posted instead haha. the downswing doesnt bother me one because i am very sure about my game at 25nl and also based off of big time regs that 24table this is nothing. if you look at thier graphs which is usually somwhere between 150 - 250k hands a month a 10-15 buy in swing isnt uncomon it can actually occur twice in the same month good thing for them that they multi table so much so it cuts down the variance but for me its going to take a lot nonger to see the same results they see in a month. but thats my choice i dont want to multi table that many and thats fine by me. as far as bankroll goes if for some reason i cant get a upswing going i do still have like 40k fpp's left to play the 5400 fpp satalites for 215 a pop my win rate on those is about 2-1 so i am usually winning half of those and if i can ill be well off. im still going to under play my bankroll so for the fact of downsings like this in the past id move up to fast and i believe it really did hurt me it never gave me the chance to be able to take a hit. i dont have a set buy in amount to move up or anything but just when i feel the right time is i will. so going into this week i feel pretty good, work is a lot better the guy i work directley with is doing a lot better hes had a rough year this year and i can tell its affected him and kinda comes out in his work thats why its been hard to work with him lately but things are going better now. i also feel good about poker this week just wish i could play more than a couple hours at max a day but ill be getting to that shortly. another thing about work is i got about 5-7 weeks left and we might be working 7 days a week which is good cause thats where all the money is. and right after the job is done thats pretty much the begging of the new season for my poker every year. which leads me to another topic.

poker. since my regular job usually ends the first of november every year i consider that the begining of the new year for my poker playing. now what im going to say next is somthing im super excited for but i have a lot of detailing to do so hold on. first of imma give a brief description on my relationship history. im 22 almost 23 but when i was going to high school i dated the same girl of and on all the way through and a year out of highschool which is when i started playing fake money poker basically just beginning to learn about it. when i turned 19 i had a new girlfriend and when i was 21 i was still with her and thats when i finally started depositing money online so i consider that the beggining of my poker carreer actually it was my 21st birthday (nov. 10th). but im 22 now and weve been split up for about 5 months now. and let me tell you i have never seen so many improvments in my game in such a short amount of time. specifically the last 3 months i have taken the game and my game really serious and have been improving ever since. im not blaming being in a relationship the reason im not winning at poker right now. but i know i didnt pay as much attention to poker when i was in a relationship. the first year i think i was destined to lose my bankroll. im sorry im not tom dwan or phil galfond and turned 50$ into 5 million or whatever but neither has 99.999% of other players, for me the first year was really the first tim playing a serious game of poker and i started at 100nl one of the nittiest levels to start at and it didnt take long for me to start losing. after this second year it was kind of the same story except for up to about a month or two after our break up thats when i started really seriously delving into my game and making any changes and finding the slightist things i could do to be better. im still working at it and i am far from having a prefect game. now for the big suprise i wanted to say forever. i might be moving to vegas for the winter... before anyone judges let me explain. while me and the last girlfriend were dating we were gonna move there. her parents are in the mitlitary and thats where they are stationed now so we were gonna move there. so it was already in my mind to move there. another thing is that this winter if i dont work i am totally going to emerse myself into the poker world and communtiy and vegas is prolly the best place to do that i really want to make a couple poker friends and be able to talk poker with them i know it would help my game tremendously. another reason for vegas is i want to live life im single young i play poker and i want to be entertained this winter instead of couped up in my house during the winter of alaska sitting on my computer. heres the thing though one of the reasons i chose vegas is cause it would be easy to move there the reason for that is because i would stay at my ex's parents house for the first couple weeks till i found an apartment which is fine my ex and me are now good friends and her mom loves me so everythings fine with that. and no im not going there for her this is totally somthing that i want and need to do for my self. one thing though is about my summer job, the company that i work for up here in alaska is based out of seattle i really want to work for them full time and i have recently mentioned this to the managment. they told me that they might set up a meeting with the main operations guy in seattle to see about work for me with them in the future outside of alaska. so when im driving through alaska on my way to vegas i might stop and have that meeting, and if they say they have full time work for me right then and there then i am going to have to take it and not move to the fun filled vegas. there will be other times in my life for long poker times but if that opportunity with my job comes up i have to take it.

as far as vegas goes this is what i am going to be doing. if i move there i am going to drive there cause i need my stuff and truck for everything. i have relatives in colorado so im going to stop there first then vegas its about 4500 miles which i figure with all the stops and stuff about 10 days. when i arrive ill stay at my ex's parents house till i get an appartment which souldt take long at all then start my life there. im not going there with the hopes of making a living from poker or getting on tv or being a millionaire. for me its more keeping myself entertained with a city i know im going to love and not be bored in. as far as poker goes im pretty sure ill be playing at the venetian most of the time.

before i go any further with the last topic i think i need to talk about my upcoming expectations in poker for this new year. since im going to go to vegas if things go right. i will give myself 4000$ live bankroll and 600$ online bankroll
, the reason for these numbers is for one 4000$ because 200nl is the smallest game in town for nl holdem which will give me 20 buy insand plenty of time for play. and 600$ for online. i plan on switching to full tilt for a coule reasons one for the 1st time deposit bonus so if i deposit 600 ill get 600 and have a roll of 1200 to play with on full tilt i am also deciding to keep the money i have on pokerstars so that i can still play there i really love playing at stars but i need an edge which is another reason im going to swtich to full tilt is to get rake back as well. as far as what i know about 200nl live and from what ive heard and seen, its a super soft game if you compare it to online its comparable to 25nl or even 10nl at times which is very juicy. as for expectations this year i really believe this is going do be a good year with how much my game has improved in the last 3 months im really excited for this new year. i really believe things are gonna go good and at minimum ill be break even. like i said i am going to totally emerse myself in poker this winter if i dont have to work. so im pretty much going to eat sleep and think poker i really cant wait . theres so many thaughts going through my head i know im forgetting a lot of info so anything i miss i will write in other posts. outside of poker if i move to vegas i will also be a great success and fun time. i have a home gym that im taking with me i dont work out in the summer cause i work 12 hours a day but this winter i plan on working out 5-7 days a week and really plan on getting a lot of muscle deffinition going. not so much bulking up but more so just getting super toned and looking good. im not really a diet peson never have been and it doesnt seem to affect me ive got a pretty fast motabolism. so ill have poker in my life woriking out and a city full of entertainment and excitment. i am going to post everything so mainly me haha will be able to look at how things are going. i will be spending a lot of time playing live wich will prlly be about 300-350 hands a day and then plenty of online poker inbetween everything else to me playing 200nl will be a luxury it will feel like playing high stakes because i play 25nl now so i will feel like a high roller in my own shoes. i have a lot of money to live with so moving there isnt hardly going to dent my reall life bankroll also its actually super cheap to live there outside of the actuall city its only about 650-800 for an apartment which i will actually be saving money on how much i pay for rent now. im actually getting pretty tired now i might continue this blog tomorow so i can finish my thaught so stay tuned

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