Wednesday, September 1, 2010

augusts results

well august is finally over had some good times and some bad. so lets start with the good i started the month at 409$ i also had about 85,000fpps that i hadnt used in 2 years of playing and decided to play the 5400 fpp satalites to the sunday million, but just take the tourney dollars instead. ive played 4 i think maybe 5 but ive won 2 and earned 430t$ from that but subtract the tourney money im up 118 dollars this month. with winning those tourney dollars i was able to step up to 50nl the last 2 weeks of august. i slowly played in them the first week and then the second week i played all 4 tables of 50nl. the first week went good and ran my total roll up to 1225 but then the weeknd hit me and i found out that the past couple weeknds of 50nl hey are super aggressive at the tables i got 3bet prolly 20% of my raises i played pretty fast because of it and i suffered this last monday i played the same way before catching myself and going over my play then yesterday i wa able to come back a little bit. the last downswing i am for sure was my fault and not anything to do with varriance. i know i can beat 25nl if varriance doesnt destroy me. but i also think i can beat 50nl. i just need a couple weeks of mediocre play and ill be on my way so hopefully a downswing isnt coming upon me. right now including all the tourney dollars i have a roll of 907$ i feel bad that most of my money came from tourney dollars cause it makes me feel like i cant play but with online poker taking advantage of your fpp's is part of the game plus theres plenty of regs out there that are only fpp pros so that makes me feel a little better. i have 39,000 fpp's left so every weeknd ill play 2 or 3 satalites and try and win some more tounrney dollars. im prolly not going to end up getting that many more hands in this week because im pretty much filling my time up today with this blog and saturday i plan on playing a little then going out and being hungover and at the state fair on sunday then fix my truck window on monday so next week might be better for volume anyway. i feel good about my game. im looking for a lot of improvments all the time and im finding them as i go. on another topic im pretty close to finishing sklansky book fuzzy thinking in poker gaming and life. its deffinitly interesting but not special most of it is him going into details about random thaughts of poker and everything inbetween that i might take a couple things away from reading the book but its not a must buy book. i like theory and practice a lot better and i plan on reading it again after im done with this one. i have some big news that i plan on saying in a couple of weeks but that is for then and not now. i think i have more to talk about but i just cant remember. i think september is going to be a good month and i have high expectations for it ummmm i cant really think of anything else so ill post again sunday. later

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