Sunday, August 29, 2010

so much for that high

well ive had a kinda troublesome week. ill start with poker. actually the begining of the week went pretty good i played 3 tables of 25nl and then a table of 50nl to kinda ease into 50nl and get the feel for it again. started off good got a stack at 50nl when i flopped a set and then a had a couple other decent pots at 25nl oh and that was on monday i actually played on monday but theres a reason behind that ill get to in a minute. on the flip side i didnt play tuesday haha. wednesday wasnt really much of anything i think i lost 15$ or somthing but nothing really happend. thursday was ok i think i won like 25 or somthing i dont remember everydays amounts so i could be a little off. but i was going into the weeknd with 1225 so i was up about 110$ from when i started the week so it was going good. and i thaught it could only get better cause of the amount of fish that play on the weeknd. well i was right about the fish and i was a little off on my expectation. friday didnt go very well i think i lost a like 60$ or somthing but it was alright i still had sunday. i was actually planning on playing a couple hours after work on saturday but one of the guys i worked with invited me out for some drinks cause it was another guys birthday. seeing how things were going that week i decided i was entitled for a little me time. i was only gonna stay a couple hours and get home to put a couple hours in online but i stayed longer and came home and went to sleep. just got done with my sunday session and i feel like dying. started off playing 2 50nl tables and 2 25nl tables and things werent really going so hot. then i played a 5400fpp sat. and lost that. then i was playing 3 5onl tables and 1 25nl table and things were going bad then i played another 5400fpp sat. and i bubbled that one which was just another insult to my injuries. i was feeling pretty helpless about that time the 22nl deep stack tourney started i went pretty deep about halfway through the tourney i had a guy join the table who was a really good tourney player. i wouldnt be suprised if he wasnt a pro tourney player he was making a lot of moves i pushed him on some of his moves and won here and there and i know everyone could see he was making moves he was the chip leader at one point then got into a huge hand and was down to like 20bbs and then ran it back up to the chip leader spot. he was talented and lucky wich is a good combo but i had to deal with him for the rest of the tourney which was pretty difficult. there was like 105 entrants and money was at 18 i made it to 26th so that pretty much capped my horrible weeknd and im deciding to call it quits for the weeknd my bnakroll crippled to 867$ i started the week at 1112$ and ran it up to 1225 before the weeknd destroyed me... i feel pretty shitty. this next week im going to play all 50nl unless all the games are really hard or of course i get beat back to 25nl. there are a lot of huge differences from 25nl to 50nl ive found out. first i think that is the transition from good players to really good winning players. there are a lot of really talented players at 50nl (6max) and full ring as a matter of fact. there are a few fish though who probablly start off there cause they want to start winning big . there arnt that many tables though and its hard to find more than a couple live ones at a table and somtimes not even one little fishy at the table. the play is pretty aggressive. ive found one leak to the game so hopfully i can exploit it but if you push that leak to far itll burst on you and i found that out today i ended up getting it in pre flop with 9 10 off suit lol by by stack. some of the players arnt that different from 25nl but then there are some that are very talented and difficult to play and i would play at different tables but sometimes theres only like 20 tables going and there at like 3/4s of them solike i said i have to play with them unless the tables are so hard ill play at 25nl . on one side its good cause im playing against better players so hopefully i can gain even more insight and expeirience but on the other hand i really want to win and i dont want to move down just after taking a shot at 50nl i will if i have to though. on a side not pokertracker is off a little on there numbers sometimes they dont get your full sessions and miss a lot of info it says im down more than what i really am but its close so i guess its pretty approximate any way.

now for life outside of poker. man i was on life tilt like this whole week. first the guy i work with is still in a mood i think hes just burned out from work idk. im not taking it to heart but wish he was feeling better about work. monday i dropped my truck off at a mechanics shop to get some maintanence done to it. all of which i could have done myself but i dont feel like doing it after 12 hours of work or on my only day off on the weeknd. so i dropped it off at a place called midas. its a pretty popular oil lube shop around the u.s. i would say well i ppicked it up after work the next day payed the guy then went to my truck where my window was half down. turned the truck on and the window wouldnt roll up. i went to the guy and was like i think you guys broke my window. he came out and was like well it looks like the regulator went out and i was like ok so are you guys gonna fix it free of charge and we got into an argument he thinks that since they had nothing to do with the door it wasnt there fault for the regulator going out. they roll the window down so they dont lock the keys in the cars. which is horse shit. i mean i got what he was trying to say its the same thing if like my altanator stoped working, but what was really annoying is that why didnt it go out 12 hours before or after i took it there and they rolled it down in the first place so obviously they like leand on the window or forced somthing or somthing like that and made it go out. the guy was ignorant and i called the corparate guy and he thaught the same way the mechanic did so instead of them fixing a 50$ part and possibly keeping a customer and making him happy they lost my business forever and now anytime someone asks for a shop or somthing im going to talk bad about them. so if anyone does read this and they have a midas in there town dont go to it unless your not worried about possibly getting screwed over. it wasnt a big deal its just that the situation was really annoying it was in my head for the whole week. i played pretty aggressively this weeknd one because of the play at 50nl but also this week outside of poker might of distorted my persona. hopefully i can turn it around this next week. now that brings me to another subject. i got 2 days off next week for labor day. except the fairs in town so me and a friend are gonna go sunday and i decided to fix my window on monday myself so hopefully it wont take long ad ill still get some time in. the month is almost over and thanks to the satalites ive pretty much doubled my roll even though i had it trippled i am still thankfull to be up that much from where i was. instead of going over my play at the end of the month im going to go over it today and study a bit find my leaks cause i know i played horrible this weeknd and try to improve. but im prolly gonna do another post on the first to recap. so till then lattterrrs

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