Monday, August 16, 2010

breaking even???

well the week was pretty interesting i suppose. ill start with the poker side of the life. ummm for the first part of the week it was a pretty weird rollercoaster i started the week at 425 i bounced between 450-400 for the first 3 days i think then things went a little right and i was upto like 475 still had the rollercauster swings though i had it up to 505 at one point which is the first time ive been back to 500 in like 4 months haha but sadly i lost a bit and now im down to 435$ its still a 10$ gain on the week which is micro but any gain is better than none. which leads me to another subject. the way my scores have been going it seems like ive just been playing break even poker. id say since ive been back at the 25nl tables ive only played probablly 12-15k hands which is pretty small so i cant really say im break even or not but so far thats what it seems like its doing which is fine. the only problem i have with that is even break even players can loose if there on the downside of varriance that same break even player can also be a winner as well if there on the upside of varriance. so lets just hope varriance will give me a little break and ill see a little results from time to time. one thing i forgot to mention in my last post was my fpp status im playing a few 5400 fpp buy in tourneys every sunday to try and win as many tournament dollars before i quit pokerstars. last week my first one i played was a 6 max the only problem was it was a 500$ starting stack which i didnt know i just clicked really fast cause it was filling up and i was sitting at a tourney with low expectations. the next 2 i played were 10 handed and i didnt get any results. this weeknd i played 2 i made one of them so i earned another 215 tourney dollars to my account so i have 435 playing money and 215 tourney dollars and i have 55,000 fpp's left so hopefully i can win a few more. like i stated before unless i consider trading them to other players for real money which i might consider im going to play tourneys with them. i really like the 22$ buy in deep stack tourney they run i really enjoy playing deep and that tourney has the best ev for me at that level i believe. seeing how im on night shift on my days off i try and keep my sleep schedule the tourney runs at 4am my time so that will be perfect timing to play in so that works out good. hopefully i can run deep in one or two and make some dough. on another note i have a bit of spare time at work sometimes so i decided to fill that spare time with poker knowledge haha. i picked up sklantkys no- limit holdem, theory and practice. and i must say this is by far my favorite book ive baught. i probablly have about 10 or 12 books. 5 are probablly books about stories and personal playing from the authors and then the rest are about how-to's. i didnt want to pick up another "how to" poker book cause i know how to play and i have my own style now, usually those books just give you a general and basic way to play the game anyway. but theory and practice isnt a how to book its pretty much what the title suggests. it has a bunch of theories and situations that arise in poker and almost everything they talk about is backed by match and or percentages you deffinitely dont have time to do algebra for every hand you play at the table but the point that they get at is the logic in there thinking. i am deffinitley going to give this book a few more reads in the future and come back to it often. i have harringtons cash game volumes as well and when i started out in cash games i read those prolly 4 times each they are pretty much a straight foreward play style how to book but it was a good series for my beggining play but now im on to bigger and better things. 2+2 seems to be the better choices in books. im almost done with theory and practice so i picked up sklantskys holdem for advanced players or whatever the title says. im expecting the same quality read as this one.

now for life outside of the tables. work has been ok. the operator i work with has been in a bad mood as of late because things are really running how they should so hes kinda in a pissy mood lately which runs down to me i have a pretty positive attitude naturally, so things like that dont get to me really but its just a bummer working with someone whos pissy for a week or 2. so the week at work was a little daunting but i survived and then saturday night came a few guys got together after work and headed downtown... well first the strip club then downtown haha. one guy was just totally hammered and was pretty bulligerant kinda had to baby sit him for a while till he wondered off but the night was pretty fun. if i go out anymore on the weeknds i dont think im going to drink as heavily as i usually do the hangovers are starting to get to me and id rather not have them. all though i did win that 215$ tourney dollars while i was still coming off my drunkeness. but yeah im going to cool it for a while. i went home empty handed after watching the other two guys walk away with two cuties. i was talking to way to nice of girls to be interested in some things that i was thinking of haha. but what evs. still had a good time. todays monday i didnt feel like posting on sunday cause my hangover was pretty rediculous. so today i decided to post instead. i also didnt pllay any poker today cause i wanted to talk to some business folk about retirement plans. the union im in has a really good pension program but im still looking to set up a second retirement just so i can have that much more when the time comes. if any one reads this i highly suggest starting some kind of retirement if you havnt already youd be stupid not to invest just food for thaught. also i needed to do some cleaning so i took today off of poker. i have decent expectations for this week fridays and saturdays seem extra juicy at the tables but not so much on sundays but i plan on playing a bunch this weeknd unless things come up so hopefully things can turn up pretty good. thats what i expect anyways. so till next time playars

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