Sunday, August 1, 2010

qaudruple bankroll

well first off i post on sundays so today im doing my monthly review and my regular weekly review in one post. score. hahah, anyways to start off where i left off last week my bankroll was down to 100$ it was pretty horrible the last 3 buy ins i probablly spewed off but i dont think it mattered how i played but who knows. when i left off last week i sayed i had 90,000 fpp on stars and i said i was going to switch stars in november to another account so i could get rakeback and 1st time deposit bonus so i was going to use my points. well the first satelite i won a seat into the sunday million or 215 tournament dollars i always wanted to play the sunday million so i decided to play it just this one time... good thing cause i won it haha jk but i did cash for 300$ so going from 100$ to $400 bankroll really helped my slef esteem out. quadrupled my bankroll and now ill be heading into 25nl 6handed and hopefully varriance will be on my side. as far as the tournament goes it was pretty interesting. first off. the tournament has a pretty good structure 10,000 starting stack and a decent graduall blind structure the only thing i would change about it is the time at each blind level its only 15 minutes. i suppose they do that so the tournament only tkes about 11 hours but if they were to make it 30 minute blind levels that tournament would be the best in the onlince circuit i think. shit even 20 minutes would make the tournament a really good tourney. besides the time i found the tournament pretty interesting there was a little over 8000 people when i entered and money was at like 1250 or somthing like that and even when we were close to the bubble there were still relatively bad players in the feild. the type of players that would go to far with top second pair or over call on the flop i found it super intersesting anyways. as far as my tourney play i think i played pretty well there are 3 spots that i can remember that stand out more than the rest the first was like around the second blind level, maybe the third cant really remember. but middle position raised 3x, i popped it to 9 or 10x with qq in the sb, bb folded and original raiser 4 bets to like 35bb or somwhere around there we were still about 100bb deep so i guess we were on the second blind level. flop came rag rag K i checked and he led out i tanked a little and threw it away. it was either just and idiot player 4 betting cause i 3bet from the sb or the guy had a range of AK aa kk or possibly qq jj in which case i wasnt going to gsamble to see if i can win the pot that early in the tournament so i threw it away, which left me with like 65 bb. idk i guess flatting with qq is a mistake ill have to read up on it more. anyways things went my way and i was able to build my stack to like 4o,000 before this hand happend the blinds were getting up there i dont remeber what level they were at but it was gonna get hot and heavy soon, i think the oppenent was utg or utg +1 but he raised to 4x the bb and at the late stage of the tourney people were raising like 2,5, 2.75 at the max so i thaught it was wierd also like 3 hands before that i think he shoved with kj off and was able to win the pot if i remember right so everyone folded to me in the bb and i had AJ off suit i added it all together and i think i had like 13 bb or somwhere close to that so i shoved. he insta called and turned out he had AK so i guess he bet 4X to be able to get his money in. well board paired twice and really saved my ass that was one of the turning points in the tourney that i was able to stay in. after that i went on a short heater and at the end ran it up to 90,000 i was in pretty good standing there were like 75 players to the bubble and the average stack was at 65,000 so i was doin pretty good. untill this guy showed up first off the guy shows up at the table and i only see him for like 3 hands before i get in a pot with him i got AQ suited and i bet 2.5x and he 3 bets from the sb i thaught its either pop it or fold it maybe im wrong. but i popped it up and he shoved instantly. so i folded. the next i played i raised he 3 bet and i folded pretty fast then i had 1010 i raised 2.5x and he 3 bet i flatted and the flop came 9 k 3 he bet i called then another k came he put me all in this time. at this stage in the tourney there was like 15 people left till the bubble i had enough to chips to make the money but if i would have won the pot i coulda went on pretty good in the tourney the guy was pretty reckless up till then so he was either on a total bluff or he had a king and he wanted it all right there. the more i think about it the more i think he was bluffing. but in my position i had a hundred dollar bankroll and 3oo dollars sounded a lot better then maybe making the right read idk i played it real safe even though i think he was on a bluff about 75% of the time but who knows. anyways i folded and that was the turning point for my tourney i was down to like 40,000 wich was like 8 big blinds or somthin and i got it in after i cashed with kj off and the guy had Aj which held up and i was out... 300 is way better than nothing seeing how i played for free pretty much off of 5400 fpp.. kinda a long description but thats how the tourney went so now im up to 400$ bankroll and i can start grinding at 25nl. like i said in the last post i took the week off and studied my play. and wow. i new i was getting sucked out on but i didnt know it was that much i mean over the past couple of years im used to being sucked out on its part of the game it just rolls off of me but now that i looked back on it i got sucked out a lot the last part of the month. i dont use hem i just go on pokertracker and they just had like the last 12 or 14 days of my play and it was nothing but suck outs. so obviously it was varriance and not my play. i did pick up on a couple things that i can focus on but they werent really downturns to my game. im siked toget back playing and cant wait to hit the tables moday after work. i actually liked going over my play liked that so i think after every couple weeks or month or whenever i feel bad about how i played i think ill go over my play it helps a bit in the healing process lol. well like i said im gonna quit stars cause i want to get rakeback and first deposit bonus so i have an acount at full tilt but never deposited there so i think i can still get the bonus's there ill have to inquire a little more into that subject. but yea i have about 85,000 fpp's that i need to uses on the 5400 satelites so i can rack up as many tourney dollars as possible. any money i earn on stars i think ill just keep there untill i either roll it up or go broke on there but yeah im pretty much movin somwhere else. now as far as my month goes it was horrible as far as poker goes but with that cash in the sunday million i actually ended the month wayyyy up considering where my bankroll is at. now for the personal life. work has been normal pretty good same ol same ol work just the way i like it. and last weeknd i just hung out and played the sunday million. this weeknd i actually went out drinkin. a buddy of mine came in from portland from college and i decided to go out drinkin with him before he went off to india to hike for 4 months. wtf right!! well started the night off right went to a pretty hot watering hole talked to some girls and he was having a pretty in depth convo with some liberal girl wich is totally him hence then walk around india for 4 months. so i told him i was gonna take a gander at the other clubs/bars aorund the area well that was the last i saw of him we randomly texted throughout the night but never met up again. lol ssee you when you get back from india anyway bro lol. but the night turned out pretty fun wasnt able to pull any tail from the bars maybe next time but i was walking dow the side walk and ran into some guys i knew and at the same time ran into some guys i worked with. it was at a corner so we all like ran into each other so i ended up hangin out with the guys i work with for the rest of the night and somehow they ended up getting like half of the bar to chant my name while i was talking to some girls also screaming "MAXIMO" LOL goood times needless to say the girls got up and left haha i dont know whats wrong with girls these days i just dont know haha. but know im coming off my drunken stumber and i think im gonna go on poker tracker and do a little overview so gl at the tables for all the pokwr players and tune in for next time everyone else

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