Sunday, August 22, 2010

good, the bad and the ugly

ok ive got so many things to talk about i dont even know if ill be able to remeber them i should have put a new post half way through the week all i can say is wow. ok ill recap the week i started the week at 435 i believe, monday i didnt play it seems like its becoming more and more frequent. then tuesday was a jump start i won 3 buy ins (75$) in 300 hands so i was like right on im getting somwhere wednesday was kinda ehh i list like half a buy in over 600 hands or so then thursday happend theres 3 hands if i can remember them right that i want to talk about one was.... man i think i forgot it its kinda fuzzy but i think the flop was 2 spades and then a 3rd spade came on the turn and i raised when the guy bet i was bluffing and then he checked to me on the river and i shoved and he had like top pair or somthing and called. he wasnt a regular that was my first mistake but i really thaught i could push him off the hand but i was proved wrong and bluffed off a whole stack the next hand i remember i had a pair of dueces floped a set and got it all in the guy had 5 2 for two pair so i was like cool stacked him looked at another table looked back and saw the pot go to him i was like wt.....f and a 5 came on the river. uuugh ok whatever. next hand i had AK mp raised guy in the cutoff 3 bets i flat and it comes 8A8 i check he bets kinda hefty amount i really put him on AQ so i shoved and he called and showed AQ, ace of spades queen of dimonds and there was 2 dimonds on the flop, the turn was a dimond and by then i knew what was coming on the river an ace!!! jk a fucking dimond runner runer dimonds bullshit ok whatever so then my thinking was kind of off and i did another horrible bluff for a whole stack against a flopped full house. thursday braught me down to like 405, i couldnt believe i lost all my hard work just like that. it actually really hurt me cause i bluffed off a stack twice theres specific times to do that move and i was horribly wrong at it and i bashed my confidence i hated myself for the next 2 days, friday was not as bad my roll got down to like 385, untill the last hand i played i sayed it was gonna be my last hand and it would be awesome if it was a session saver and it was i had 44 raised it pre a guy called flop came 7 high i bet the guy called then a 4 came ahhhhhhh holy shit!! i bet big he called the the river paired the board i shoved and the guy called with 67 pair of 7s lol that last hand put me at 410, i was like ahh maybe i can actually win a little this week. i didnt play saturday cause i wanted to maintain the sleep schedule for work and thats become more of a weekly thing too. and now i just finished up my sunday. ok so i played cash games for a few hours i think i ran the roll up to 440 or somwhere around there and then the 22nl deep stack tourney that i entered with the tourney dollars i won the earlier week with started and at the same time a 5400 fpp satalite started that i enterd a couple hours earlier started as well. i won the satalite and was like sweet another 215 tourney dollars, the deep stack tourney didnt go so hot. actually a lot of donks in that tounrey i might play it again next week but i started hot got aces like first 100 hands and then flopped a nut flush and had a guy spew like half his chips to me starting stacks were 5000 and between some other hands i had it up to 9000. the guy next to me was a totally horrible player im not just saying that but he was i sooo wish i was on his left god!! anyway nothing really happened for me i was pretty card dead the whole rest of the tourney wich was lame. but this hand stands out mp raises like 3bb i re pop it to like 8 or somthin with jj then the idiot to my left flat calls my 3 bet i actually liked that cause he was playing trash and was hoping for a decent pot. the mp player also called the flop came k high mp check i checked and idiot checked the turn was a blank check check check. i was like ok i should be good. river was a blank i bet like 2/3 the pot idiot called and mp folded the guy had k 10 of dimonds what the hell he was playing like that all tourney and he had like 200 bb the whole tounrey there was a bunch of those guys the tourney was only 90 people and i made it to like 43rd or sumthin but if i would have gotten a little rythm goin at the later stage i could have done some damage thats why i might play again next week. then i was playing cash games and threw out a question to people to see if they wanted to buy some tourney dollars i got a guy to do it and i sold him 400 tourney dollars for 380 usd.. i thaught it was fair untill i looked it up and saw that people sell tourney dollars for about 214$ for 215 tourney dollars or 99% DOHHH! oh well quick mistake but it was like losing almost a buy in so that was a mistake on my part. i played one more 5400 fpp satalite and won that won as well ive got a good rythm at those and i think i could beat those regularly if any body whos serious on stars ever reads this( lol hahaha) but if you wanna stake me id def. be a good choice at the 5400 satalites. so i have 223 tourney dollars and 889 real money. .. ...... what the hell i have 1112$ bankroll. you know im exstatic about it but at the same time i feel like i failed cause i had to resort to satalites with fpp to rebuild my bankroll. theres so many regs out there that are winning because they trade in there fpp's for the 4k prize every month for supernovas so at some extent i feel ashamed but at another its part of the only poker and thats what you do to make money. you know what would be awesome is if casinos did that they like comped you for every hour you played or somthin with your little comp card and then you could buy like ship with them or like satalites or somthin that would be pretty sweet it would be like mixing onlin with casino poker. i think it would be a hit anyway. today i ran into a very intesting hand mp open sb 3 bets and i 4 bet with qq mp folds and sb calls flop comes 10 high 2 clubs he checks i bet a little over half the pot and he insta soved now i had to be beat if he slow played aa kk or maybe if he got 1010 and hit a set why would jj do that?? even if he had AK of clubs i was behind percentage wise. A10 possibly but why would he flat a 4 bet with a10 i was getting 3-1 to call i told the table i had qq and i folded then me and a reg started talking about the hand and he began ranting how i was crazy and he would have never folded and blah blah prolly went on for like 20 minutes back and forth the guy didnt show but i asked and he sayed kk so if thats true it was a good lay down but the regular was right in one fact that he stated if i was gonna lay it down to a raise why would i bet in the first place i wasnt really thinking about a raise at the time i was thinking more so that ak might flat a 4 bet so i better bet so i dont give him a free card thats why i bet but the reg was right about me betting but wrong about me laying it down cause even though it was a 12$ call into a pot of 36 i was beat so i folded. it bothered me so much what the reg sayed that i posted it on 2+2.. i knew i was gonna be harrassed haha but it wasnt that bad one guy asked the same thing if you were gonna fold to a raise why bet which obv. points out i need to add that sort of thinking into my own stratagy and i will def. try. so besides all the tourney dollar winings i woulda ended today at 509$ thats almost 75$ for the week so im doing decent. i still think i am a wining 25nl player but i think i can improve even more. after this weeknd though i am amazed at how profitable the weeknds are ive never really payed attention to the fish before wich leads me to another topic.

table selection. i started practicing table selection pretty routinely now i can physically tell you that it will make you win and i cant physically show results vs. not table selecting but i must say that it is a very wise choice to choose the right tables and in the end it is sooo profitable. but you cant physically be like i won this amount of money cause i chose the right tables so its hard to justify but i know its a profitable practice. its easy for me to cause i only table 4 tables but 24 tablers its kinda hard cause it takes a little time to find the right ones and then sometimes people leave and the table closes and you gotta find another one but its worth it in the end if you have the time

i have a chance to play at 50nl now but im not gonna say im scared its just i got this bankroll back going and i dont want to lose it just like that if things go wrong. but i mean you can progress in stakes if you dont play higher haha. so im gonna ease into it maybe play 1 or 2 tables during the week and ease my way into it when i first switched from full ring to 6 max i started at 50 nl and kinda got crushed cause i never played 6 max befor but from what i can remeber theres still plenty of fish and also good regs so we will see how it gos i still have 45,000 fpp's left so hopefully i can turn those into well deserved dollars as well haha.

well i baught sklanskys holdem for advanced players for when i have downtime at work to read. i finished theory and practice and that was a really good book like i stated and ill re read it plenty of times. well i was expecting the same status with holdem for advanced players only one small probrem... its a fixed limt holdem book...damnit. it didnt say anywhere on the cover or anything you had to read a little into chapter one to find out the whole book is about fl damnit. well im gonna keep it on the self maybe there will be some juicy fl games i wanna get into and ill read it or maybe sometime when im bored or somthin so i went out and baught sklantskys poker, gaming, and life book. its not really a theoretical or how to book i dont think i think its just more about everything that has to do with poker gaming and life it got my interst and before i baught holdem for advanced players i was deciding to buy that or the poker gaming life one so yeah

so this post is super long if i have a lot to talk about im gonna post half way through the week but if anyone reads this and you made it to the end without clicking exit within the first 3 minutes thanks for reading and untill next time listners..haha later

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