Sunday, August 8, 2010

first week back at 25nl

well to start off ill recap, haha. um i finished july at 409 so starting august i was able to jump into 25nl. thats the recap haha. but yeah im back at the 25nl tables thanks to the tourney cash and so far its been decent. on monday i didnt get to play cause i had to take care of things and i was a little behind after work so i had to nix the online play for the day :( but tuesday and wednesday went decent played about 650 hands both days and went from 409 to about 465 so i was doin good till thursday hit and ended and 410, friday started off horrible i dropped to like 380 and then went up to like 435, then dropped to 400, and saturday was going good i was slowly makin profit ran it back up to 455 pretty consistant. but i was envolved in a few one of them i coulda and shoulda folded the other hand i was a statistical favorite of 65% but his hand held up. and the other hand kinda just played its self out but after losing those ones i was still able to get the roll up to 425ish. this week has been crazy with the swings more so closer to the weeknd but damn i was in for a ride, i put in 2700 hand on saturday well sunday morning and for me that was good cause of work i can usually only get about 650 or so. i dropped to 4 tables instead of 6 i was really trying to focus on how the tables and players were playing and i saw huge improvments. i was making plays and making steals like i havnt really done before. one of the things i wanted to do coming back from the week of off time was to really consentrate on the play and it was paying off even though i only ended the week a little up im very happy with my play. i actually really enjoy playing at 25nl theres enough fish at the tables to get a lot of value from but then theres still some regulars and decent players that you can make bluffs and big plays against and get away with. thats one thing about 10nl and lower is that there flooded with fish whcih you would think awesome dead money. but on the other hand it leaves you very little room to make any decent bluff plays. its like you almost have to play super snug cause theyll call you with anything almost, and that takes a bit to beat cause playing snug takes a while for results. but yeah 25nl is going good id say im a winning player at it now that im back up to it so hopefully i wont go on a downswing and ill be able to grind it out.. il talk about the hand that i shoulda got away from i bet 3bb from middle pos. button calls and both blinds call i have KK flop comes 9 4 4 two spades. i about 2/3 pot and button makes a pretty standard raise. both blinds fold i actually thaught right there about it and put him on a 4 unless he had 10 10 and wanted to test the waters for some reason. i called and the turn was a blank. i bet out for a little over half the pot and he raised again. i recently just joined the table and this was prolly my 15th hand and didnt know how the guy played i had him on about 50/50 that he had a 4 or an over pair to the board i shoved and he turned the 4 i really thaught i should have gotten away from it on the turn and i should have id say about 60% of the time i can lay it down right there but as far as how the play went i deff. should have been able to lay it down.

on another note. life outside the tables is going good. works the same which is good and i have about 12 more weeks untill the summer season is over and ill be playing a lot more then so im looking forward to that. i also played my first round of golf today well it was 9 holes so i dont know if thats a half round or what. yeah i did terrible a littl over double par lol i went to the shitties course in town cause it was my first time and the course was pretty ruff but i got a lot of enjoyment out of it and ill be playing more in the future. didnt go out this weeknd i really wanted to play a load of hands at 25nl on my day off so thats what i did. i got a couple of hours before i should be going to sleep so im gonna try and get a few more haundred hands in. till next time

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