Sunday, July 25, 2010

broken soul, but not my heart

well it seems that this year wasnt a year for me i got a bunch of stuff to go over so hang on for the ride. first ill start with the bankroll i had a pretty bad last week for what i did play annnd i went from like 160 or somthin to 105 so i droped down in stakes i dont mind dropping in stakes in somthing you need to do if you want to play the game for a while. besides that though it really hurts getting beat at 10nl wtf is pretty much all i can sayim at the second lowest stakes in online now which pretty much crushes my soul but im not giving up as low as i am im not counting on rebuilding my bankroll. not to say that i wont try but at this point for me i am just going to really try and pay attention to everything and learn as much as i can before i reload in november. now for another topic. i have 85,000 fpps on stars and i figure the best way to spend them is playing the 5400 sit n gos for 215 tournament dollars or the sunday million dollar seat i just played one and actually won a seat. now heres the thing im gonna play the sunday million this one time even though its a crap shoot to win but ive always wanted to play it and nows my chance for free so im gonna play it this once. if i win any other tournament dollars from the sattalites then im gonna spend them on like the 22$ tourneys. now the reason that im spending my vpps is that im pretty sure im going to not play at pokerstars when i decide to reload. the reason for that is because when i relaod i want to be able to take advantage of rakeback and a first deposit bonus. i havent decided where i was gonna play but i was thinking doyles room or cake poker im not sure yet but when the time comes im gonna do plenty of research to make the best decision. so sorry stars it was fun while it lasted but i need every chance i can get to try and beat this game. which brings me onto another topic i was looking over another regulars blog he was playing at 1/2$ and he had trip aces on the flop and his opponent had trip 10's there were 2 dimonds on the board. they were both 250bb deep and he said if he was in his opponents shoes if there wasnt 2 dimonds on board he would be pulled more toward folding the hand with second nuts. ive played against the one guy before and hes a pretty consistant regular. to me that shows how nitty 9 handed poker has gotten its managable to beat the tables up to 25 nl but once you get to 50nl- 200nl the game becomes so solid its unbelievable and miss step you do you will leak money even if its over a long period of time. which is why i moved to 6 handed play. the swings are greater as you can tell by me loosing at 10nl but the return can be way more profitable. one thing that ive noticed is that 6 handed is getting pretty solid as well even at the lower stakes im seeing more and more better players every week. online poker is getting to a point to where its gonna be a pretty big reg. fest. thats why i think a lot of people play heads up or pl omaha because to many people are killing nl holdem and you gotta find any advantage you can to beat the game so they move to different games and different styles. as for me i like omaha but the swings are so wild sometimes that you almost have to have double your bankroll to play in it full time. same for heads up im interested in the other games out there but just not yet i want to be a decent player before moving onto somthing else. moving on to other news lol, just like i sayed im going to take this following week off of poker and really study my game, do comparrisons, and whatever else i think is necessary to improve my game. i was thinking more about it and an hour and a half after work for a week is pretty short time so if im really interested an focused i might take 2 weeks. so im about to play the sunday million who know maybe i can win a grand and be back playin id be happy with just cashing seeing how the last couple months have been but none the less im taking next week off to study. ill give results next sunday untill then better luck next time :(

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