Sunday, July 18, 2010

whats wrong with this picture

well another week and another dissapointed poker regular to give a quick recap i started the week right around 205 i think ran it up a little and then back down then down some more im sittin on 175 right now wow this really sucks i really hope that im in a rut or somthing and that this changes eventually it would be better when if it got really good when i reloaded we'll see. but besides me being excited for the week and then my hopes crashed by another losing week i decided to take some time off. not that long just a week what i thaugt was that ill play this next week coming up and if it goes bad then im going to take the next week off and really reasses my play go over forums blogs and really put some time in to studying to see if i can find the slightest miss step to my game but you would think if im a lossing player it would be easy to spot something that makes me lose so maybe im just on the bottom part of varriance. lets hope so anyway. like i sayed i was gonna see if this next week goes good or bad to see if i take the week after that off but theni decided wether i win or not really reassesing my play and studying for a week isnt a bad idea anyway so the week after this one im gonna hunker down and hit the algebra figure of speach of course this week outside of poker has been decent and this weeknd was pretty sweet well it was only one day off but it was awesome none the less for the week it was pretty normal midnight to noon till saturday at noon. if i forgot to mention im a deck engineer on a dredge so i pretty much do mechanical work but i do plenty of different things like welding and oiling and stuff like that so yeah but work went fine and then i got off saturday and had my fishing gear already in my truck and hauled ass to the river like 160 miles away the fishing was super hot the limit is three salmon i got there and fished for a little over an hour and had my limit some guys from work were comin behind me so i waited till they got there and one hooked into one like 10 minutes after he got there so i was like alright im gonna try and sleep a little then wake up at midnight so i can catch 3 more and also so i can stay on the sleep schedule. well i laid down for a bout an hour and decided theres no way i can sleep right now so i got back in the river caught 3 more in a little over an hour again and then left real fast haha i was expecting to drive back on sunday so i was suprised i was home so early and that left me time to go out on the town for the night so i was already up for like 26 hours or somthin by time i started hittin the drinks and man that was a fun night a friend came out and we hit it up together so that was pretty cool got home and passed out around 4 i think... missed some prime opportunities last night..damn anyway im goin to try and get rid of this hangover and get to work by midnight tonight lol and then a week of poker playing and then studying so till next sunday catch ya later home skillits

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