Sunday, July 11, 2010

to say the least

well this week has been interesting to say the least. first im back to my regular schedule at work which is midnight to noon 6 days a week wich unfortunitley doesnt give much room for poker i doo play about an hour and a half everyday though except for saturday usually cause im usually doing somthing on my day off or i should say night. besides that i tried somthing new this week i started to play 6 tables instead of 4 at the beggining of the week the negative side of varriance continued and i thaught well if its gonna go bad i might as well try and get it out of the way by playing more hands to get back to the plus side. well i found out that i can play 6 tables pretty well i thaught it was gonna be a little much but i went over my play and i actually played pretty good sometimes i just check when i could c-bet because of the tables poping up but all in all i played pretty well so unless i need to do somthing that needs my attention im going to be playing 6 tables from now on. who knows maybe ill get up to 24 one day haha jk i dont think id want to play that many probablly just like 10 at the most one day or somthing i dont know. more on the bankroll subject though i dont remember if i posted it in my last post but last weeknd i ran my roll up to 295 well by time i think monday it might of been tuesday came around i was down to 205..... even though it was 90 bucks which in terms of dollars isnt that much but in terms of buy ins which would be 9 it was an insane downswing. ive never lost so many buy ins in just one weeknd it was like 3 days actually. that was when i was playing 4 tables to thats why i went on to 6 tables. well when i started playing 6 it went pretty decent for me and i got it back up to like 247 and then it went south again and i stayed around 215 for the weeknd i didnt play that much this weeknd so it didnt move much but after tonight its at 207$. i looked over my play and watched my hands and studied from the ones that i could and theres are ocassional spots where i could slow down which im going to try and do when hands like that come up but other than those it was either just a cooler or like set over set or flush over flush or somthing i also looked at my bb/100 and its actually +2 which i was kinda shocked the most hands that i played were from the first year and a half of my play which i was still learning from and i was -2 so me being +2 shows me a couple things even though its 10nl it shows me that im actually doing somthing right and that as long as im positive and wait it out that i will be up in the end. hopefully i can keep somthing like+1.5/100 whenever i get back up to the higher stakes. the first of november is coming around pretty fast and thats the time of the year where i reload i got somthing instore though but its a suprise that ill say around the middle of october. as for my weeknd it was prett fun i was gonna go out saturday night but i changed my mind at the last minute and drove about 160 miles south to go fishing with some guys from work. we fished through the night at a couple different spots. the run was a little slow and the limit is three sockeye salmon a person but i only got one but it was still fun seeing how it was the first time fishishing this year on the rivers and the other guys i fished with didnt catch any but i left a couple hours before they did so they might of other than that it was prety decent. on a side note playing 6 tables for an hour and a half a night i can get about 700 hands in if i play the whole time wich is decent and for the week how i play i can get about 3500-4000 hands in i think so its decent ive got big expectations for this week so stay tuned to see how i do...( stay tuned lol. theres prolly one person whos read this and they probablly stumbled across it by accident lol who knows). laters

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