Thursday, July 1, 2010

june results

well i wasnt going to do a june recap untill after the weeknd but seeing as how tonight turned out as it did i thaught i should log it well to start off i started june in the middle of a downswing i started june with 23o$ i think is what it was and with that downswing it fell to like 180 or somthing like that thin i got it back up to like 240 in the next 2 weeks and then it fell very fast to like 160 which felt horrible i felt like my play was crappy which it probablly wasnt that bad but i did make some adjustments whether they needed to be made or not. well i had a 50$ bonus saved up so i used that cause i didnt want to have another down fall and have to move down stakes so i used it and it put me back to 210$ well i stayed there for about a week or somthing kinda fell to 200$ but stayed right around there. and this last week has been pretty sweet ive been on a heater this week and i was just at 297$ but just lost a couple pots and im at 290$ ive one every day this week so far so when i get to 300$ im moving up in stakes today was pretty intense i started at 265 and i fell to 230 so i thaught it wasnt going good but as it turns out i won 6 buy ins in the next 2.5 hours so that was fun. so this win streak deffinitly feels like how 10nl is supposed to be im pretty sure this month was just a bad month with a lot of swings but i kept my head up and kept grinding so soon ill be able to play 25nl. people usually wait till they have 20 buy ins at a certain level before they take a shot at it but i just go with 15 buy ins. it gives me more chances to move up but i also move down when i have 20 buy ins at the next lowest level so i play it safe there moving up to 25nl is a little different cause 15 buy ins would be at 375 but its the only level thats like that ive done it before before i started this blog and ive won while starting at 300 it also helps to run good when you move up in stakes so hopefully everything will go right and i can get somthing going again. well im going to try and win this last 10$ so i can move up so ill get going now. also ill probablly do a post on monday or tuesday because of the 4th just to let all the people i know that arnt reading this know lol hahah. laters

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