Sunday, June 27, 2010

hanging in there

well this week has been pretty much a slack week. i didnt play as much i usually can i probablly played 2500 hands this week and 1000 of them were from today on wednesday i think i went fishing after work for a couple hours for king salmon and got skinked there wich wasnt that big of a deal it was my first time fishing this year so it was nice to get back out there and get a line wet and i think a couple ohter days i went to sleep early cause i was super tired for some reason so i didnt put that many hands in while i was playing and also my week wasnt going that well on the green felt as it was so it wasnt that big of a deal. i might of found somthing i can improve on in my game though ive been searching for somthing to improve on and i think this might be it. well i think i go a little to far with mediocore pairs on an unthreating board its mostly just pairs but sometimes it might be when i flop a pair as well. say the board comes 10 6 3 rainbow and i have pocket 8's or 9's either in position or out it kinda seems to play the same way if the agressor bet preflop then fires on the flop and im sure everyone will call a bet on the flop then say the turn is a 5 or somthing meaningless and they fire again ive caught my self calling the turn just to either fold on the river to a bet or to lose on the river if they check a 10 or a higher pair so i guess what im getting at is if they bet the turn i think in the end it would be more profitable to lay down the pair. the only problem i have with it is that if the opponent is any good they can read the call as atleast a 10 or a under pair and if they have AK then they will fire another bullet in which case ill be laying down the best hand. ive done this before with AK so i know how it can work. so thats the only problem i have about laying down the pair on the turn, but i suppose that in those cases that you can catch the bluff it probablly doesnt pay for the money you lose when you come across the bigger pair so i guess i will have to lay it down more often. somthing that would also help in that situation would be able to read your opponent if you could physically tell that they were bluffing that would make it that much easier to call another street but thats a lost call in online poker although there are some tells ive picked up on playing online. so back to my actuall weeknd friday i drove like 50 miles to go buy some fireworks and ended up droppin 200 on them so ill be having some fun on the 4th, and saturday night was pretty fun i actually had a buddy that i got to go out with me to the club which was fun i found out im way more outgoing with an wing man by me. when i was in highschool i was a pretty shy kid and pretty much just talked to my friends and girlfriends and what not but now that im out of school ive opend up a lot esspecially this last year because this summer is really the first time that ive spent time clubbing so my social skills are deffinitley raising and esspecially with the females which is always fun. as for poker this whole week was prettys much blah i wasnt really going anywhere when i was playing. i was kinda just hovering around 205 then yesterday i dropped to 190 i think and then today was actually pretty good and i ended it at 225 so hopefully with the leak ill be working on and my upswing hopefully i can keep it going up. its deffinitly taking me a lot longer than i thaught to get back to 25nl. one thing that kinda helps is that even the top pros have had or are having draughts even at games theyve been able to beat easily. ill just throw patrick antonious out there earlier this year he was down 3 million and was doing horrible for about 3 months then all of a sudden bam he hit his heater and made it all back plus some in just a couple weeks to a month wich just shows you how the swings of the game really are which im fine with its just a little reincouragement to know or hear that even the best players do things wrong or have tuff times as well. ummm i dont really have any hands i want to post i wasnt really paying that much attention to them i was more concerned as to why i was having so much trouble with 10nl. although i did find a little bit of a leak i dont think thats why im not beating 10nl right now. i think its more so that im just in a downswing and that i just need to wait it out and keep my head up and be patient while i wait for the upswing to come. but thats all for this week laterrrs

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