Sunday, June 20, 2010

bad month

well i think the tittle pretty much sums up how i feel this month is going. as for the week i ran my roll up to 250 at the beggining of the week and then through out the week i kinda just stayed around 235 and then saturday and today hit a bad run and now im at 206 so im up 6 dollars for the week haha. i now see why the big time regulars play upwards to 24 tables at once they can play my whole week of 4 tables in one of their sessions so it really brings down the variances, but i dont want to do that and i like multi tabling 4 later on in the year i might try 6 but we'll see. anyways yeah i hope this month is just a bad run, if not somthing has happend to my game that i cant see. im playing one of the most profitable limits and cant seem to gain really. some situations come up that i kind of beat my self up over like some spots where you might have 3 of kind and the other person has a boat or situations like that and it feels like i should be able to get away from it but i dont know how i can. its a difficult situation. on the same note ive been going over my game a little and im having a difficult time finding things that i need to improve on. im not saying that i dont need to improve anymore cause i can always improve but it just seems like my game is going fine but i dont see success thats why i hope its just a bad month and not somthing im doing wrong that i cant see. on another note heres a hand that happend today that i was proud of utg+1 raised 3bb i was on the cut off and 3bet to 10 bb i was holding QQ everyone folded to him and he 4 bet to like 25-30 bb somwhere in there and i just flatted. on the flop it came like 9 high two hearts i think he lead out for about 2/3 the pot and i thaught for about 10 seconds and folded. i typed in the chat box "so i guess you got QQ beat then?" and after i folded he showed AA. im sure a lot of regs. that ever read this will probablly be like obviously he had aAA or KK but at that level and 6 max they could take that same route with AK or jj ive 4 bet with jj myself in another hand so that being said i gave myslef kudos for laying down on the flop somtimes i call to see if they bet the next street so i could better tell where im at in the hand but in that situation i was pretty sure i knew where i was and i was right so that was good. what i always thaught is that everyone is going to get the same amount of good hands over time so your not going to make money there. where your going to make money is by the big lay downs and also the big bluffs along with a couple other things. but both of those situations seem like theyll make you or break you. thats why i feel bad when i cant get away from a really good hand cause i know the outcome. one thing i wish i had was a friend that was as serious about poker as i am so that i could talk stratagy and situations i know it would improve my game drastically. i have a couple friends thatll play a game here or there but they dont care about the game. i have somthing to tell the readers of my blog though but its a suprise im saving for november lol so you guys will have to wait. thats one thing that sucks about alaska is that the poker scene here is so rediculously bad its horrible cause theres no legal gambling here at all. theres a couple bars that run free tournaments and like the winners get like free prizes or whatever but those games arnt even worth sitting in and theres no value or knolege to take from them (i think i murderd that word). besides poker things are going alright work is going a little slower than id like but its alright still gettin plenty of mulah. and this weeknd was pretty awesome the summer and winter soltice are kinda a big thing up here they have parties for it here and everything like that but yeah they had a free concert downtown with fly leaf playing wich was pretty awesome the only bad thing was that me and a buddy stayed there for about 10 minutes before we started hitting the clubs near by lol. there was so many people there though and their sound system they had set up wasnt as good as it shoulda been so where we were at it wasnt that good of a show as it coulda been so i dont think i missed that much and plus the clubs were way fun the only bad thing was i drank a bit much and i probablly made a fool of myself more than once lol but it was good times. gonna do it again next weeknd except im not gonna drink so much so i can remember the girls i actually talk to lol. and my last thaught is about my life style i like to stay fit but while im working i dont work out because my job is a little physical and im usually working 12 hours a day so i dont have the time to work out but in the winters i work out so this winter im gonna take my workout really serious and have a good routine going but for now im just doin whatever right now. so yeah later

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