Sunday, June 13, 2010

bad prospects for june

well i got a few things goin on. first i decided to do a new post once a week so ill probablly do four a month and then do a fifth one at the end on the month to recap that months play. now for this week it has been horrible ive been getting sucked out a lot and a couple days i played like crap so that didnt help. i mean ive been playing for 2 years im use to getting sucked out on its not that big of a deal but day after day for a week striaght kinda sucks. two days that stand out the most were friday and saturday. friday i started to go on tilt. ive got my tilt factor pretty much under control and it takes a bit for me to go on tilt but on friday i managed to get to that point. and it wasnt to bad once i recognized that it was affecting my play i quit and i probablly only lost a buy in and a half due to me tilting. and on saturday it kinda carried over, ive kinda seen a pattern for when i go on tilt in that the day after i usually dont play that well either i guess thats a leak ill have to fix in my game as well (duely noted) but any way yeah i played like crap saturday and i think i started the week at either 235 or 250 somwhere in there. i think its in my last post but by saturday i was down to right around 200$ and then today wouldnt you imagine i was getting another suck out session and i fell all the way to 160 wich makes me feel like crap. makes you feel like you suck at poker which i know ive got talent im not bragging that i got skill at the game cause my game can always use work but i know im talented at the game and when you cant win it makes you feel like your dumb or somthing. anyways anyone who plays on pokerstars knows about the stellar awards and if you dont you get frequent player points for the certain amount of hands you play and the amount in the pot and so on and after you get enough points earned up theyll give you a little bonus first they give you like 5 10$ bonuses and then 5 50$ bonuses and then some 100's but they get harder to earn the higher they are, but anyway i had a 50 dollar bonus saved up for a rainy day. i was gonna use it when i got back up to 25nl so that i would have 2 extra buy ins but seeing as how i was falling fast i decided to use it. so that put me back up to 210. and soon after that i started hitting a heater and ran it up to 242. and right after that i hit another rollercoaster session and ended back at 210 which is where i am now it was pretty draining this weeknd i put like 1100 hands in saturday and then like 2300 hands today which wouldnt be so bad if things went a little better. over all i am satisfied with my play for the week besides friday and saturday im just hanging in there waiting to get out of the valley. on another note seeing as how saturday started to go bad a couple friends were bored so i cut that session short and went and hung out with them and kept them occupied and then i went out to a dance club that night. i sayed i was gonna take a break this weeknd wich i did and i didnt. cause i went out to the club buuuut i didnt drink which im sure my liver thanks me for. but i had a lot of fun at the club and got a few dances and one was a little spicier then the rest of them ill just leave it at that. so the weeknd was fun but poker sucked lol well im gonna go to sleep i think and after work tomorrow ill hit the felt running again

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