Saturday, June 5, 2010

before the weeknd

well i ended friday on a good note and today i dont know if im going to play or not im gonna try and sleep a little then end up going out for the weeknd but ill put in some solid hours on sunday. hopefully my play is decent and im not to hungover haha. anyways i ended the week on a good note i started the week at 200 got it up to 235 hit a cooler and fell to 188 and now im at 245 so unless i play today the week ended up decent. heres a couple hands that i can remember. this one was from friday oh yeah and by the way i havnt mentioned it yet but i play 6 handed instead of 9 handed i feel that the game better suits my style of play, theres a lot less regulars wich is better for me, theres more action and you get more hands in. i just switched when i started playing .10/.25 and besides losing there id have to say i like 6 handed way more than a full ring. but back to the hand the opponent was on the button and i was small blind i had AK he raised 3x bb i reraised to 10bb he 4 bet to i think 2.60 or 2.80 somewhere in there and i actually went in the tank for a while. at these limits thats usually on an AA or KK move but then i had a thaught that he defenitley coulda thaught i was raising with something like 99. i dont know my 3 bet percentage but i bet it was somwhere around 6.5 to 7% anyways after thinking for a while i just had a feeling he had jj or qq for some reason and just flat called. the board came 8k2 two hearts. i checked he bet about 2/3 the pot i waited a little bit and smoothed called then the turn was a blank and i checked and he bet between half the pot and 2/3 the pot i cant really remember although this is deffinitley a route that AA would take i still was very confident in my hand and was about 80 percent sure i was ahead after he bet i waited a little bit and then put the rest in. he went in the tank for a while. while he was thinking i actually typed "yup" in the chat box and about 10 seconds after that he ended up calling and while he was in the tank i knew i had him there obviously. the river was a blank and he flipped over jj and i scooped a 20 dollar pot. sometimes i live 10nl :). heres one from thursday i think i had QJ of dimonds utg and raised it to 3x the bb. the opponent to my left raised to 10x the bb. usually when an opponent 3 bets in middle position in 10nl hes got qq plus, mostly AA or KK. it came back to me and i flated. the flop was 4J3 rainbow. i check and he bet 1.60 into a 2.15 pot. i was pretty sure i was behind unless he had AK but i decided to call and see the turn, plus there was one dimond on the board as well. the turn was a magical Q i check and he shoves 7.40 into a 5.35 pot. unless he had qq then i had him in pretty bad shape. i wasnt going to fold in that situation with top two so i called and the river was a blank and he showed AA. just a demonstration as how knowing when your opponents actually do have a really strong hand and how you can call with a worse one to get paid off huge in the end, that was another 20$ pot. this post seemed to be an ok one so i think ill insert a few hands at the end of the weeks i play instead of everyday so that i can blog about other things. anyways good luck at the tables for you poker players and everyone else keep tuned

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