Monday, June 7, 2010


so the weeknd was kinda boring. i went out again but i was kinda bored nothing really sparked my intrest but i kept myself entertained anyway. as far as poker goes it was pretty lame as well first on friday i got up to 252 wich was decent things were goin alright but it didnt last long and i was down to 225 i bounced inbetween 225 and 235 all weeknd it was kinda annoying and there wasnt any excitement to the game it seemed it was just one of those sessions where your like ugghhhhh. buuuut i just finished my session for today and im up to 254 so going up for now i had aa vs. kk twice tonight and held up and kk vs. aa which bad news for me didnt suck out but yeah deffinitley a better session today than the whole weeknd. i dont know if im going out drinking next weeknd so if i dont i will put in a ton of hours plus ill have saturday and sunday off so it will be a long session but we will see when it comes but other than that todays been good besides it being a monday annnnnd thats about it yeah this post is pretty short :)

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