Wednesday, June 2, 2010

well since the last post my down streak continued i lost another 4 buy ins and ended up going from 230$ to 188$ which was a new low for me i didt play bad i was just getting cold decked and things just wernt going so hot, but my work kinda switchwed my shifts up for a few days so i got like 12 hours to play today instead of the usuall 2 hours so im just finishing up my session about 6 hours into it cause im getting pretty tired and i just donked off a stack with a pair of sixes on an over bet pot lol. so i think it was time for me to quit. but before i donked off the 10$ i was at 235 so i made back what i lost. played about 1900 hands on 4 tables and went pretty well i caught about 4 decent sized bluffs and i did about 2 or 3 big bluffs and i usually dont do big bluffs in 10nl because if somone shows intrest in the pot there usually gonna call you so i guess i got pretty lucky that those people were a little talented to be able to throw away a pair or somthing. so even though i know no ones reading this yet i think next post when im not so tired ill insert some hand situations to make it a little more interesting but today went pretty good and if i can do this a few more times then ill take another shot at 25nl. some people might say that im rushing it a bit but i usually try the next level when i have 20 buy ins at the level i play at and then 5 buy ins at the next level its not really enough to take a hit and rebound from it cause its pretty easy to lose 5 buy ins but it gives you more chances at the next level to be able to get it started and then keep it going its seemed to work for me so far so unless i find somthing amazing about another way of doing things ill keep playing like that ok i think im spent .

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