Monday, May 31, 2010

memorial weeknd

well this weeknd was both good and bad. ill start with the good first which has nothing to do with poker haha. on friday i went out drinking with some friends which was pretty fun there wasnt that many people out most likely because it was memorial weeknd but none the less it was still a good time talk to a few girls but nothing interesting. on saturday i went to my friends house and hung out for a bit it was super hot (80 degrees) i live in alaska so that temp. in ak in may is crazy but we sat in the sun and i washed my truck and i got a little sun burnt haha then that night i was invited to a camping party about 165 miles away and was considering not going but i changed my mind and went which ended up being a great decision. the group that she had was about 10 people all together they were all pretty cool seeing how i only knew her but that didnt matter to much and once the sky turned dark around 12am there were about 3 other groups throwing parties too so we all kinda combined into one big camping party there was probablly 50 or 60 people there so it was a pretty fun night. sunday was kinda a lazy day as well as monday which was a prime time to put in some hours on pokerstars which is what im doing now. as for the poker on the weeknd thats actually the bad part to my weeknd i played probablly 300 hands on friday and saturday each friday started off crazy i was getting sucked out on left and right nothing was seeming to go right. then i hit a little heater and was able to break even for the day. as for saturday i was able to win a a little before it turned on me hard i lost 6 buy ins on a pretty bad down swing before i started this blog i just started taking a shot at .10/.25 with a bankroll of 300 i ran it up to 350 before the downswing which braught me down to 200 so i went back down to .05/.10 games. they arnt hard games to beat they just take a little time. im at 220$ now so hopefully in a couple weeks i can take another shot at .10/.25 ive beatin those stakes before but when you get sucked out on and hit a downswing its a little difficult but its part of the game. makes it interesting i guess. as far as my game goes im going to make a couple improvements first off i need to increase my 3 betting percent in position just a little bit and so far its been showing to be an ok decision. next i need to start laying more hands down when i bet on the river and the opponent raises. id say that 90% percent of the time they have the better hand so thats deffinitely a thing i need to start doing. and the biggest things i can think of that i need to improve on is when i am on a winning session. it seems that whenever i start getting decent and regular results i tend to not play my a game i slack off a bit and stop trying as hard as i should. ive notcied my self do it plenty of times and its a huge leak in my game that i need to fix. thats part of the reason why i started to lose this weeknd was cause it seemed like i was starting to beat it fairly easy so i slacked off which obviously was a bad decision but im ready to start doing somthing about it to improve my game. by the way i know my spelling isnt totally up to par but i try anyways lol. other than that the weeknd was a pretty good one so ill finish my poker session today which will probablly be another6 or 8 hours and hoefully i can get a little somthin somthin goin

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