Thursday, May 27, 2010

my begining introduction

well im starting this blog to further my poker learning experience and to recap my play and get any comments to keep me learning as i travel the poker road. well to give you a bio about my self and poker history im 22 i turn 23 in november i started playing poker on pokerstars when i was 19 after watching it on television for about a year prior to that. i started playing play money tournaments and did really well (not suprising) then when i turned 21 i went to las vegas for my birthday and played in about 5 or 6 tournaments there all around 300$ i did ok in one it had 360 entrants and i made 16th wich payed 900$ but overall i went home down about 1500, that vegas trip was also the first time i had played in a cash game i only played 3 times and lost twice. when i got home i started playing for real money on pokerstars. i first started with 500$ and was playing tournaments and sit n gos, well that didnt last long and i decided to start playing double or nothings and eventually lost another 500, while i was playing the double or nothings i played a guy that was a super nova elite and asked him how he got to be it and he sayed playing cash games. so i deposited 1000$ and went to cash games. i started at .50/1$ ( i didnt know anything about bankroll managment at the time) and i quickly fell to 700$. i think i told myself if i lost the 700 i was going to be done but then i hit a heater and ran it back up to 2000. i struggled learning the game but i definetly learned a lot, eventually i started losing and wasnt concerned about moving down in stakes when i should have and i learned from that mistake as well i moved down to .10/.25 when i had about 500 left and then lost there too. so i moved down to .05/.10 and started seeing results. i decided not to buy any more chips except for once a year around november and i would buy 2000$ for a year of playing. well a year came and i went from 200 to 300 so i baught 2000 in chips and started back at the .50/1$ tables. between that time i read a couple books evaluated my play and did a lot of learning. i started out the year horrible and ran pretty shitty my first week and by the time the month was over i droped down to .50/1$. and for anyone reading this .50/1$ on stars is pretty intense-9max anyway. its got about 6-9 regualrs at every table and almost all of them 24 table and use poker software like hud and things like that which gives you statistics on a player. i guess its part of the online poker game though. i dont use any software and i multi table 4 tables. anyways while i was playing .25/.50 i learned a lot about the game and everything that goes along with it and actually beat that level. i went back and forth between those limits a couple times before i hit a really shitty month and had to drop down 3 limits. im a totally different player than when ive started im able to read situations, think of plays, make big laydown and big bluffs and im a lot more wise with my bankroll. im currently playing at .10/.25 and im doing ok it seems to take a while for me to keep things going up though. anyways ill try not to make this post too long since its my first one but thats about the legistics of my poker background up to now

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