Friday, May 28, 2010


heres an addition to the previous blog, i pretty much made myself look like a degenerate gambler in my first blog lol. although i can admit im addicted to poker i am no where near a degenerate. ill give you my goals and thaughts about it. first i have a really good job in an operators construction union so i work almost the whole summer with not that much time off i do play poker for a couple hours after work or if i get the weeknd off or somthing like that. and in the winter i usually work 2 to 3 months and sometimes if the work is slow not at all. so plenty of time to play poker in the winter. i give myslef a set bankroll every year like i said in the first blog and follow that strictly i move up and down limits accordingly on how well my bankroll is or isnt doing. as far as my goal in poker i dont dream off making it big and being a multi millioniare. i want to be able to play the game i love and be a winner at it. now as to how much money i win only time will tell. also im not just some guy playing poker thinking that hes going to win as i stated i am down about 3700$ as of two years of playing. i know that to win at poker nowadays you have to be constantly learning new things looking for edges and finding ways to be able to win money. of course poker has the luck factor but over time as my game improves more and more i know luck will not be such a factor and skill will come into play. as for improvment, i am always looking to improve my game wether it be thinking of new stratagies and going over the hands i recently played or thinking of new approaches to the game i am constantly looking to improve my game. i can also see a huge improvement in my game from when i first started playing and i am sure that i will continue to improve. and with that improvment i believe i will become a winning player. im not going to give up just cause i had a couple years of bad playing just starting out and learning the game it can only get better, and if i end up being a losing player then theres a saying that i can go by and it says : id rather lose at somthing i enjoy, than be a winner at somthing i hate. poker is my passion it might be and addiction that i am aware of but i deffinitly have it under control and i am very passionate about it and love the game for what it truely is which is competition and when you get a table of talented players together you can really see the intilectual process that goes on in every hand they play its a numbers game, athinking game, a personal game, a stratagey game, and so much more and thats why i love the game...its like playing chess for money lol except there some luck thrown in there. so besides that i plant on doing a couple posts a week at least and hpefully i can start getting some followers to get some comments going :)

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