Monday, July 5, 2010

hog wash

well the weeknd was fun and dissapointing in many ways ill start with the good news. first for the most part of the weeknd i just hung out with friends on friday and saturday also played poker as well. then on sunday we loaded up 10 palats and 200 bucks worth of fireworks and went out to a riverside fourwheeling spot where people have a little fun at. so when we got there we set up our fire wich was reaching about 15 feet at its peak lol and had our music going and we were blowing some stuff up wich was going all good and was pretty fun untill two pick up trucks with fire department on them and state trooper and about 3 outher state vehicles showed up i guess its illegal to burn palats where i was burning them hahaha the cop was cool though and told us once they put it out try and get the most nails we could out of the fire (which we basically just left there) since the nails were the biggest problem with the fire and it was illegal to set off fireworks where we were at so he only took the ones we were about to set off but let us keep all the rest as he made he way to about 50 other groups lighting off their fireworks and not showing any disregard for flashing lights lol. so we took the rest of the firework back to town and proceeded to wake everyone up in the middle of the night it was a pretty fun night though pretty eventfull and my ear is still ringing from it for some reason... i hope that doesnt mean hearing loss. now for the bad news. in my last post which was on thursday i think i ended the session at 295$ well while i was writing the blog i lost a buy in and ended the day at 285$ which was pretty sweet seeing as how all of june was pretty sucky well i knew it would be pretty easy to get to 300 which is where i would start playing 25nl that is if the cards would have just been in my favor a little bit. i can think of 3 spots where i was a 85 percent favorite or better and got rivered and lost a buy in over it all 3 times, and i also had to lay down 2 or 3 big hands in some spots. talk about variance. so i ended the weeknd at 242$ so just a little of 5 buy in loss. although i lost that much this weeknd for the past month ive pretty much broke even through all my swings which is better than not losing. but its still 10nl and the games are very exploitable and im certain if i just wait out the variance of the game ill be at 25nl pretty soon hopefully. i also went over my play for the weeknd to see if i mad any major accidents i could really only remember one spot where i could have slowed down in a hand and probablly folded if i would have take a decent amount of time to think about it so i could have avoided losing that buy in. another thing that i was thinking of which is kind of off my subject is about pros that play live and online first theres guys online that have been playing 24 tables for 3 or 4 years steadily and have played about 3 million hands no exaggeration and they have made between 25-75 thousand from it. they have also made a lot of money from bonuses and everything else along the way but from the actuall poker part of it thats all theyve made. now the pros that play live they might only be able to play2 million hands if that in their whole career say if they played for 30 years straight and the really succesfull ones are making 100s of thousands of dollars a year so that kinda tells me that online poker is way more difficult and is played more straight forward and takes longer to win a large amount of money even though you play so many hands. it also tells me that live poker is very beatable and super profitable even though you dont play that many hands. one thing that people do only though that they cant do live is multi table the online pros and regs would rather play 24 tables of 1/2 nl or .50/1 then say 4-8 tables of 3/6$ - 25/50 $ and the reason for that is that the higher level games although more money involved arnt as profitabale if they mass table the lower levels and recieve better results with fewer swings so even though there are a select few like durrrr and nanonoko who have made a million and in durrrrs defense 7 million playing online its just not a super fast way to get a huge bankroll going for yourself im not saying you cant im just saying with all the hands people are able to play online it takes a while to get a steady and decent roll going much longer than it would seem in a live game but there are pros and cons to both sides of the poker world and i cant wait to november when i move and ill be able to play live as well ill continue more on that subject around the middle of october with a suprise. later

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