Sunday, September 19, 2010

what a lovely month this has not been so far

well poker has put me into the front seat of the rollercoaster heading down the first hill so to speak. i started this week and the beggining of september with high expectations and big thaughts but i havnt come through. i went on a horrible down swing this week and im down to 175$ i was up to 575 at one point last week so thats a 16 buy in downswing pretty harsh. there were a few thoughts ran through my head one is about under playing my bankroll in order to be able to come back from downswings that happen like this wich they actually occur frequently sometimes, you have to be able to have a big enough roll to be able to take a big hit and still rebound. if you move down then its going to take you twice as long to get back just to even and you could suffer another dowswing in that time. i believe thats one of my biggests leaks that ive discovered since ive really been evalutating my play, i really believe i am a good player not an outstanding great player yet but i believe i am an above normal good player. now that is good and all but if i dont have the amount of leeway to be able to let my skills do the work then ill still lose. what im saying is i went the past couple years going by the 20 buy in rule you allways have 20 buy ins for your bankroll. well realistically you only have 10 because say your playing 50nl well you need 1000$ roll for that well if you lose 10 buyins you have to move down to 25nl to be able to have 20 buyins at 25nl. and thats how ive been playing the past couple years now a 10 buyin downswing is an easy day for a 24 tabler they get hit with that almost everyday or atleast a couple times a week before the varriance comes back on their side. so when i get hit with a 10 buy in downsing id have to move down and like i said it would take twice as long at the next lower level to break even at the next higher level. but also having a 175$ roll doesnt leave that much room but ive got a back up cause i still have 40,000 fpp's for the 215 satalites all i need to do is win at least won and ill be fine for when and if i have to move down to 10nl. now on a side note the wcoop is going on at stars for about another week and inspite of that they arnt doing the 215 satalites till its over, well not the 5400 fpp satalites that are the most profitable. so i need to be able to hang on for another week before i can play those satalites i told myself that if i get down to 100$ then ill drop to 10 nl so that ill still be playing till the satalites are available.

on another note i swtiched from 6max back to full ring for a few reasons, one is for when i move to vegas im going to be playing full ring in the casinos and im trying to get back into the swing of full ring (although theres not mcuh to get used to haha) another reason is cause of varriance. in 6 max varriance is so much more of a factor you have big rises and big falls much more often but in the long run if your a winning player 6 maxis very profitable but for me i have 3 buyins im trying to nurse so i can keep playing 25nl for the time being. and on more reason is kind of why i switched to 6 max more than anything. when i started playing poker i started at 100nl.. the only worst level i think to start at would be 200nl the reason why is cause theres about 7 or 8 players at the table that are regs/pros and even 50 nl has quite a few but only about half the table. so playing 2 years of that and 50nl i was pretty much tilting at the fact that there was so many players that were winning players and any wrong step i did it cost me ( i was a much worse player back then) so halfway through this last year when i got beat back down to 50nl i switched to 6 max cause it seemed there were a lot more bad players per table and i could also play a lot of hands from any position compared to full ring. i think that was a very helpful decision. although there are more swings and more varriance 6 max taught me how to play the situations in poker. i learned how to play hand playing full ring any one can play aces or flop a set but its about edges and situations and a whole lot more that make you a winning player. 6 max makes you play looser and puts you in more situations where you have to asses a lot more. it really really taught me situational poker playing and has greatly increased my play. i didnt play yesterday but today i played a little bit and although i lost just over a buy in so far i can see a lot off bad plays and lot of spots for profitable plays so i think im going to stick to full ring and try out may game this next season.

as for work its going pretty good the only sucky thing but isnt really sucky is that instead of the job being over november first they want us to stay as long into november that we can befor the water starts to ice up or untill december 1st. which is good and bad it moves my moving to vegas one more month later wich is kinda lame, but i get more money the longer i stay so thats good but the rent is up novmeber first at the place im at now so im going to have to put my stuff in storage or somthing and find a place to stay for a month possibly so we'll see how that goes. but other than that it will leave me about 4-5 months in vegas for me time which will still be great unless i get that job offer in washington which would be great but bad for the vegas move lol.\

now i want to talk about a few hands actually im going to try and post them hold on... well i cant seem to do it haha im not trying very hard but i know theres converters to put the hands on your blog so ill learn how to when im not being lazy, but here we go

the first hand was a good spot for me to lay down a big hand had i only put some effort into taking my time to think about things. that is another one of my biggest leaks and i am working on it.

but i was in the sb with 78 of clubs mp opend like 3x button called and i called. ( i coulda 3 bet but thats a profitable call with a good hand)
flow come q 10 blank with 2 clubs i check mp bets about 3/4 pot i think and then button calls and i call. turn was a 9 not of clubs. mp bets half pot and button calls i thaugth at that time that the mp wasnt bluffing he might of had Aq or better but what was wierd was the smooth call by the button if he had kj he should raise there cause i was either on a draw maybe set mining or somthing else and he would have raised had he have a set either on the flop or the turn so somthing was fishy but i was getting exactly 4-1 on the call so i called the river was a flush i checked i was concerned he actually had a flush mp check and button shoved me and the button started the hand with about 120bb and his shove on the river was a little wierd casue it was a pot sized shove i thaught if he had a flush why would he shove like that why not try and extract value well that thaught process took about 5 seconds literally and i called mp folded and he showed kj of clubs. now had i thaught at least 20 more seconds on this obvious big decision i would have been pretty sure i could have folded. i cant remember folding to many flushes unless im pretty sure my opponent had me beat and this was one of those situations. the player was kind of a bad player but he was smart enough to think that i also had a flush and i believe thats why he shoved cause he knew i had a flush and would probablly not lay it down. atleast i hope he was that smart haha i mean i could of had the ace flush idk.

this next hand is just kind of how ive been running this past week but yeah. it was actually from a full ring game today against a decent reg. he raised from utg+2 i believe and i had kj of clubs on the button and called everyone else folded. flop came 8 8 rag i think, 2 clubs. he bet i called turn was a club he bet about half pot i think and i raised giving him 3-1 to call i thaught if he had the ace of clubs he was calling or maybe a big club. turn was an ace of dimonds he checked and i shoved which was a little over 1/2 the pot myabe 2/3 pot so if he had ak for some reason he would call or somthing around there it is also a line that bluffers take so i could easily get payed off there well he turned over aa for a river full house.i dont think his turn call was super horrible. it would have made more sense with the ace of clubs but i could of had a lot of hands that could beat him and on a board like that with a raise with enough behind to be pot comitted i would have thaught a reg like him would have got away from the aces but i guess he got stubborn, fortunitley for him he sucked out and stacked me it was kinda weird that he checked on the river as well which makes me think he thaught i was on a bluff cause if i had a flush or sull house i would call anyway so why not bet to make sure i go all in . the only way i would bet on the river would be if i had an 8 or a bluff ( as well as the full house and flush) but to make sure he would have gotten paid off i think a shove from him is more profitable there but i guess its debateable.

anyways thats how ive been running this week, hopefully the switch to full ring goes good and i can keep playing 25nl ummm other than that i guess ill just wait untill next week so laterrrrs

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