Tuesday, September 14, 2010

addition to the last post

ok this is the addition i was going to do, yesterday i was super tired and couldnt hardly think half way through the post so i had to stop lol. all im really going to talk about is expectations and what i expect from moving to vegas. so first ill start with vegas i pretty much summed it up in the last post but ill restate why i moving there. its not to just play poker i actually have a list of "whys", heres some of them though ive lived in ak for about 20 years and i dont want to be here another winter, im fine with the winter but there getting to me more and more. almost all my friends have either moved out of state are off at college or joining the millitary, i have a couple friends that are still here but im pretty sure there gonna get out in the next couple years anyway, im young and single and want to go out and live it up a little, i think i have a good chance of working year round with the company im working for now so this might be the last full winter that i can do what i want, of course poker, its a city where i will never be bored and i can always find things to do, i have a couple friends there already unfortunitley they dont play poker though, i need a change and i need to live on my own. i can think of plenty more reasons but those are just the main ones. so moving to vegas isnt just for poker its also a personal interest . now for the trip and actually living there. im going to be driving from ak to colorado to visit relatives then to vegas so the whole trip will be about 4500 miles ill get the uhaul for 12 days or 20$ extra a day after that but i dont see it taking that long. i think going through canada is like 2000 miles and thats the only part i dred i drove it once before and theres only a couple major towns along the way other than that its pretty desolate so if i were to break down it would be pretty expensive and super disheartining. but im going to take it easy probablly drive 5 hours at a time or so keep my truck working and not over run it i plan on doing about 5-700 miles a day so i should be fine then while im in seattle i might stay a night but i might have that meeting with the vp of operations for the company i work for so if hes like we will call you when somthing comes up or anything like that then im still headed to vegas but if hes like yeah we got work for you right now then thats my end point and ill end up moving to washington instead haha so i guess washington is the check point for me. there are casinos in washington unlike ak but theres only a couple really decent ones and i think its hard to find a nl spread. if i were to be working year round the money would start flowing in for me so instead of buying in every year with a bankroll of 2000$ i might up it to like 10000$ but that would be a couple years down the road, and thats for a different post later down the line. now if i did make it to vegas i will keep my stuff at my exs parents house or a storage unit till i found an apartment, apartments there are super cheap so you can really get a good bang for your buck so im deffinitley not gonna be living in some sleezy joint. it will be my first place living on my own so im excited and im pretty sure its gonna be a bachelor pad lol. rent will be like 650-800 so thats deffinitley not a problem even if i didnt work for 5 years haha. im gonna give myself a 4000$ live bankroll for 200nl, i told myself id only buy in every year for 2000$ but thats not enough for 200nl at thats the lowest limit they offer plus i can easily afford it, its not like im just dropping hundreds and not stopping if i lose that than its back to online play which i am giving myself 600$ on full tilt to take advantage of rake back as well ass the first time deposit bonus so id actually get 1200 online. i think i will be playing 25nl online cause the way things go online you can really take a hit before it starts to go back up even if i lost my live bankroll id still hang out at the casinos and observe and mingle so yeah.

now for the expectations. this past 3 months i have learned so much and have really delved deep into my game and the game itself i have seen a ton of improvment even though i havnt seen great results yet i know i am on the right track. this next year i really do think at minimum i will be break even. im not saying im some junkie betting on races saying all i need to do is win this one time. i am actually taking the time and emersing myself into the poker world and i am becoming an all around good poker player. i still need some work to be a great player but i can tell im on my way. and if i get beat in vegas so be it. thats not going to stop my journey of wining at poker how many pros have either been broke before making a lot of money or were losing players in the begining before making it big. i dont want to be famous or anything i just want to show consitant results and be able to beat the games i play while competing against players in a challanging skillfull game those are my goals. and however much money i end up wining is in the air. while im in vegas i want to try and make a couple poker friends im really sure im going to be playing at the venetian almost every day so ill get pretty recognizable after a couple months and ive seen some younger people there playing so it shouldnt be to hard getting to know some regualrs. also outside of poker i plan on living this winter carefree i really just want to let loose and have fun. not all crazy and throwing hundreds of dollars around i mean i still am a penny pincher lol but i am going to have fun with my life while there. i am going to keep my blog going and report results about poker and life in vegas, i plan on having a decent routine and wake up work out play online poker for a few hours head to the casino for like 8-10 hours then im not sure after that but on the weeknds ill probablly just play in the casinos its to profitable not to. so yeah i have about 7 weeks of work left before i start my journey to where ever it leads me im super excited and cant wait if i can think about anything else about this upcoming winter for me i will post it in future blogs but untill next week laters

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