Tuesday, October 26, 2010

one step closer

what is today tuesday i suppose. well i have mmm my fingers say 5.. 5 days left of work woooo actually there kinda saying either the day of the 1st or possibly the 2nd but anyways once monday comes around thats pretty much time to clock out on the season. another thing i just got done doing is i baught i 6x10 enclosed trailed for my things for 3500$ if anyone thinks thats a bad move i have reasoning. i was thinking of just getting a uhual i could get the small one for 600$ and tow it to vegas and then once the winters over i will have a couple peices of more furniture so i would need the next bigger one wich would be 1000$ to tow it to washington so that totals to 1600$ but you only get them for 12 days anything after is 20$ a day i believe which isnt horrible but say it only would have cost 1600 well thats 1900$ cheaper right?? not really, cause the trailer is liquid. meaning i can sell it at anytime. and if i find the right buyer (not that bright of a person) than i can actually sell it for more. so even if i sell the trailer for 2000$ i will have actually made a haundred dollars compared to the uhaul route. also i know i can sell it for most likely the same price so the move might not have cost me anything which is deffinitley +ev haha. another plus to it is i can use it as a storage unit some things i have i might not want to keep in my apartment like things to work on my truck and anything else so thats a plus as well, one last plus side to it is that it doesnt have a time limit on it so when i stop in colorado to see my aunt i can stay for a week if i want rather than a day or 2 so buying the trailer is deffinitely a plus. a negative side to this week is that i think my old kindergarten buddy is a moocher. he texted me today sayin whats up and then a couple texts later wanted to see if i could buy him some gas for his car. "so he can continue job hunting". wether that be the case or not im no ones meal ticket, i had a couple poor investments with my money with people before so ive def. learned my lesson on things needless to say i havnt texted him back oh well not like we are best friends or anything. so that is kinda a bummer also i really dont think im going to get anymore poker in before i leave :( ill pick up that trailer tomorow and then load my stuff up in it the next day or so and have to clean the carpets and my bathroom so i dont know i might be able to get one day in maybe we'll see. im going to take pictures of the road trip as well so ill post some on here that are the most memorable.. or disaterable more likely. this whole trip kinda sounds more than what its worth and this last week it kind of feels like that cause ive had to rush to do things after work so that ill be able to make the move smoothly. i know as soon as i get settled in and start living life in vegas ill be more than happy that i made the move. one of the biggest reasons for the move is the boredom of ak in the winter i mean there is snowboarding and winter sports and online poker but thats about it. your always cold outside your house and plenty of other things to complain about. i love alaska but i want a change. i will never be bored in vegas and one of the best things is i wont have to spend money if i want to be entertained. if i want to see sirens at TI ill go see it or the belagio fountains or any other free sightings. also one thing im looking forward to doing if boredom ever strikes is being able to watch some of the big tournament they hold live. i think wsop ciruit events go on in the winter who knows if im doing really well i might enter one i think there like 500$ or somthin. not to big on tourneys anymore but like many thats how i started playing poker. now for the entertainment that costs mulah i plan on seeing a few concerts i really wanna see neon trees so i hope they tour again somwhere near vegas or cali, also a couple mma fights and maybe some shows they have there like wayne brady or some other ones. then theres always the clubs man the more i talk about it the more i get excited about it i really dont plan on spending that much on entertainment issues thoughmaybe between 1-2k which isnt bad for a winter in vegas. i could really just play 5 months of straight poker and be fine with that as well haha. one downside to the move though is finding an apartment it should be pretty easy to find one there are tons available but thats not the problem i should be able to find one i a couple weeks but i was going to stay at my ex girlfriends parents place while i looked but they were suppose to have baught a house a couple months ago but there having problems with the sellers or somthing like that so its looking like they wont have a house when i get there and theyll be staying on the military base. so either i ruff it out in my truck which i can do or i find a super cheap like 20$ a night motel room till i find an apartment i actually would almost rather stay in my truck for 2 weeks then a ratty 20$ a night motel room. i can just picture horrible stained carpets and remanents of bullet holes in the dry wall. no thank you lol. the only reason i might stay in one is to shower and clean up so i dont smell like a homless dude trying to find an apartment lol. if i do stay in one of those cheap motels i make sure its not horribly bad. maybe ill do myself a favor and upgrade to a 40$ a night motel room haha. if its disasterable ill post pictures if not ill just blog about it lol. kinda on the relavant topic i was going to name this blog the rise and fall of askillz2 but even though ive went through my bankroll 1.5 times i havnt went totally bankrupt in life yet lol so ill save that blog name for when im selling my body on craigslist for poker money haha. holly crap its way past my bedtime haha gotta get my 8 hours. anyways ill try and post sunday if i have time so till then lovers

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