Monday, October 11, 2010

taco night!!

the title has nothing to do with this post lol i just felt like having that as my title. anyway i remember some of the things i forgot to post on sunday. one thing i wanted to say is i feel extra confident going into this upcoming season even more so now then what i was because i found out that basically the guy i kinda idolize (kinda) i found out that he basically started how i did and played 4 tables and actually started off as a losing player, i dont know for how long but then he started 24 tabling and started at 25nl he gave him self 100 buy ins and would move up to the next level whenever he had 100 buy ins or move down when he had 100 buy ins for the lower level so basically 50 buyins if you plan on moving down in stakes but anyway he ran good i suppose but he was able to move up to 50nl in a month and i dont know how long before he got to 100nl hes now playing professional at 200nl and doing pretty well although i dont want to make poker my fulltime profession i do want to make money at it and his career pretty much follows how mine has went up to now so hopefully when i start 24 tabling i will get as much success started just like he did im going to start at 10nl but if im showing a lot of progress i might jump to 25nl maybe depositing a little more just so ill be rolled enough to play at the stakes but i feel confident with my play and i just didnt want to start 24tabling at that big of stakes just to start off but we will see how things go. another i just wanted to kinda throw out is just playing poker in general. through all of the posts and blogs and interviews whenever the player is talking and talks about playing prior to 2005 its always the same thing they always say how soft the games use to be and how much easier it was to make money. so i was just throwing that out there just to show how difficult poker is actually getting only the players that spend the time evaluating their play and trying to get better will be winners in the end now. the guy that i idiolize stated that 100nl is pretty much the promise land. big enough buy in to make decent money and make plenty of fpp's and still a decent amount of fish to take money off of. the first 2 are still true but when he posted that was about a year ago and things have deffinitley changed in this year. 100nl usually has about 7 or 8 regs at every table. i believe the weeknds are still pretty profitable but i think its moved on a little bit from being the most profitable stakes. 50nl might be the new promise land, about half the table are fish so that makes a pretty profitable situation but your also making about half the money and fpp's but more chances to take money from the fish so its like a give and take situation but yeah just a thaught i had going through my head i thaught id share. and monday is going good so far im about halfway through my 2 hour session lol but im almost up 2 buyins so things are going good i didnt play sunday when i posted (yesterday) cause i went out with a guy from work for lunch and drinks itd been about 5 weeks or so since i actually did somthing for my self other than work. but thats alright shortly ill be in my paradise also i might save the next post till next week sometime cause this is the last full week of poker for me i believe cause im going to start packing starting monday and i really want to play the weeknd out so we'll se how that goes. till next time my fellow rockafellers... oh yeah my roll is at 1275 starting out monday

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