Thursday, November 4, 2010

new season expectations !!

this will be a pretty long post just to give a heads up. first ill talk about life as of right now. my last day of work was the 1st. we got the dredge all ready to get towed back to seattle and that was about it. as far as my job this season has been the most profitable summer season that ive had since ive joined the construction union. so after the workday was over i stayed up for a little bit actually went to kaladi brothers coffee to use the wifi there and get a hot coco :) i dont drink coffee so coco is the drink i choose there haha on a side note there is a lot of cute girls at coffee places the only problem is that they are usually doing homework for college or somthing along those lines so its kinda hard to hit on them but its deffinitely on my list once i get to vegas. i actually played poker while i was there and did horrible only lost 2.5 buyins but both times i got it all in i was ahead so i guess that counts for somthing but no big deal. so i hung around a day after work got done before heading out i went to lunch with an old skateboard/highschool friend so that was fun and then the rest of the day just hung out and things like that. i left wednesday the 4th around 10 am alaska time. my friend that went to cali actually came home earlier than he expected, and my mom was super scared for her little boy to be traveling alone through canada cause of all the stories shes heard. also when i went to lunch with my friend his dad use to truck through canada and told him about some bad things about traveling alone. needless to say i invited my friend to tag along. one to make my mommy feel more comftorable about my trip two so that i have company during the trip and three cause the story my friend told me actually kinda got me thinking of some sketchy things lol. so hes tagging along and then hes gonna fly back when he gets to seattle. right now were in whitehorse canada. the first 350 miles of the trip were alright the road was a little ruff and bumpy but not horribly bad. but then the next 100 miles were pretty intense once we got across the border. at one point i was going up a hill in about 4-6 inches of snow and the road under the snow was complete ice i was going like 25 mph in 4wd and still slipping a little bit. buuuut the last 75 miles or so to whitehorse were fine no snow and pretty decent. so were hangin in whitehorse for the day and night not really to much to do here theres a couple bars in the few hotels so since the drinking age is 19 i might get my friend to get tipsy with me tonight. theres a few good looking girls in town not to many though and we'll be drinking on a thursday night in a pretty unpopulated town so doubt we'll have any success pulling any girls back to the room. there is a really cute girl that works at the hotel were at if i see her again im gonna ask her out for drinks tonight. once we leave tomorow were gonna stop at a hotsprings im prettyy sure so that will be fun to then maybe make it to seattle in the next couple days and ill update my trip from there.

now for my new seasons poker/vegas goals, expectations, and life goals .
ill start with my life plans or goals since they're pretty short. as far as staying in shape goes im going to have a pretty regular workout routine probablly 5-7 days a week mostly just weight lifting but maybe a little jog here and there. i dont really have a schedule for weight lifting but i just do the lifts for the muscles i want to work on and rotate between those so nothing to special. as far as a diet goes thats not going to happen as it is already im a pretty slim guy who has a really fast motabolism so whatever i eat doesnt really effect my body weight as of now in my life, but that being said im not going to eat pizza 7 days a week either probablly just 5 days a week haha jk no i eat decent i suppose but yeah i wont be changing anything there. as far as relationships go thats the real reason im moving to vegas anyways is to win my ex girlfriends heart back..... ehhhhh almost had you there but no i still dont plan on having any kind of full time relationship anytime soon. i do on the other hand plan on dating quite a bit while im there for a few reasons. one for having female company, getting out there to see what really interests me. and also for possible hook ups (im just a sleez ball after all i guess). ive come out of my shy shell a lot since ive turned 21 but with me getting out there and dating a bit its making me even more confident so thats a plus as well. as for me being in vegas nothings really going to change for my life goals just cause im going to be in vegas im going there for other reasons which is time to state i suppose.

my vegas goals. the first and main reason why im going to vegas this winter is for entertainment. ive spent the last like 3-4 winters in ak being bored out of my mind when im not working i mean i can play online poker anywhere but vegas has so much to offer for entertainment. and to keep me entertained. next i want to state that im not going there to just play poker. although vegas being so entertaining and also offering the best live poker scene is why i chose to move there this winter, its not the only reason. i dont expect to go there and make 50,000 dollars playing poker and become a pro or anything like that. i will be playing 1/2 nl and allthough im pretty confident i can beat that stakes pretty regualar im not going there thinking im gonna hit it big or anything. the next reasons i guess i could use is weather 70-85 degrees and sunny everyday sounds a whole lot appealing that -20-15 degrees and snow everywhere i mean im fine with alskas weather but its deffinitely time for a change. i have so many reasons for me to move to vegas that i can put down but ill just top the list with this last one and that is that right now im young single have a free winter that might be my last before i get on fulltime with the company ive been working for and i want to live it up this winter before i get tied down. monies not going to be an issue for me i wont state how much i have im not uber rich or anything but im pretty well off. to put it another way i can easily afford a few winters in vegas without having to work. but the city is full of big time money makers so im deff. not up to their standards by any means. so those are my main reasons im mving to vegas this witner. in a nutshell it will be a really fun enjoyable and warm place and offers my hobby that i love so for me its a no brainer.

now for my new poker season goals and expectations. the main goal i have for my season of play this year is to be atleast break even the last 2 years i have lost but i have learned a great deal as well and believe that i will be able to be atleast a break even player for this season so thats really the only goal for right now. as for my expectations (guess that can go with goals as well... oh well). anyways ill just go over what im going to be doing. first im going to start getting into 24tabling also im giving myself 100 buyins at everylevel im playing at so 100 buyins up to 10nl is 1700$ i want to start off slow maybe do like 10-15 tables of 5nl untill i get use to that than work up to 24tables and then do that at 10nl and play full time at 10nl. as for live play im giving myself 20 buyins at 1/2nl so 4000$ i would feel a lot more comftoarable with 30 buyins but idk i dont really wanna put that much down this year for some reason i have money to play at the higher limits but for this year i really want to work on my play study really hard and show consistant results and try working my way up so im starting small and ill work from there which is fine by me. as far as my play goes for this year i want to earn as many fpp's this year as i can cause next year if i feel i played decent this year than i am thinking about 24 tabling 50nl and i want to make supernova next year as well. so one thing i decided if i decide to go for it is to save all my fpp's this year so that next year i jump straight into 100nl get supernoava that month as well as whatever remaining fpp's i need to get the 4,000$ bonus and then drop down to 50nl and grind from there its a pretty reasonable goal i think.

the more i think about poker and my expectations the more i notice how serious im getting about the game. i will never quit my job to play poker fulltime i get payed great have a great pensions and health benifits so unless i was making like 200k or more from poker (highly unlikely) a year im not dropping my job. but i am getting more serious about the game more and more every year. the way im talking about my future plans with poker resembles an online poker pros plans. although i dont consider myself a pro i do consider myself a regular. but my future in poker might just have me as a part time poker pro or atleast a fpp pro haha id be fine with that.

so thats the post for my new season also its looking like i probablly wont get set up in an apartment till the first of december so ill prolly start back up grinding around that time. anywhoozle gl at the table for you players and for everyone else go out and have an apple pie today. till next time. bienvenue!!

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