Saturday, November 20, 2010

new birth

ok so there is a lot of good and bad this week. first ill start with the bad. my laptop decided to take a crap on me. since ive been here in colorado the fan has been going non stop on it my aunt told me that her old one did that then it burned out on her. i didnt think much of it because my fan usually ran a bit but not none stop. so like a few days ago i put it on sleep and went to the stor or somthing. when i came back i turned it on and the screen wouldnt come on. the drives were going and fans were blowing and the lights were on but the screen wouldnt turn on. my aunt is working part time at staples and told me there having a sale on laptop fixes till thanksgiving. (what a coincidence right?) so i took it down there and they checked it out that night, turns out it didnt totally fry up and it was repairable. since the sale was going on it was 185$ instead of 370$ which i guess if i chose i time for my laptop to die it would be when i can have it fixed for cheap. so that kinda sucks i dont know if its going to erase everything i had on it or what the only thing im worried about is all my porn files.... lol just kidding im kinda worried about my music ive got it all on my ipod as well but it would just be a hassel going through itunes again and then also hem. i dont have that much data on hem only about 20k hands so its not a huge loss or anything if it is gone. now for the good news my new desktop came a couple days ago in the mail so today we put all the parts together and it turned on and loaded up like a champ, my cousins pretty awesome he pretty much saved me like 800$ by us building it our selves and its a higher grade computer so better quality for cheaper cant beat that. so after i got everything loaded i jumped into a 24 tabling session a short 24tabling session haha. yeah that shit is intense i baught table ninja and also downloaded hem onto this computer. i wasnt able to recover my old files from hem just yet cause i think i have to un register it on my other computer or somthing like that im not 100% sure but ill figure it out. even if i have to repurchase it again its not that big of a deal but id rather not. so im using the trial version for 15 days which should be plenty of time to recover my files once i get my lappy back from the doctors. so yeah back to 24 tabling, at first i opend 24 tables of 10nl cause when i filterd the tables it wasnt keeping 5nl in the lobby for some reason it might have to do with one of there updates but im not sure. but yeah it was pretty intense i was like woah woah woah. shortly after tha i got talbe ninja and that helped a bit but i was still only making basic decisions and wasnt really able to keep up i didnt look at peoples stats or anything i was just trying to go through all the tables. so i stopped that. i pretty much just wanted to see what it was like to 24 table. i dont plan on just jumping into it, im going to start off nat 5nl probabbly 12-15 tables work my way up to 24 taables and once im comftorable at that w\then ill make the switch to 10nl and probablly do the same thing and then just do a steady grind from there, i dont know how long it will take to be comftorable at 24tabling but that doesnt matter to me if i never get comftorable at it then ill just 20 table or somthing. but from what im told its a learned skill and im willing to devote the time so i dont think it should be a problem.

the last night before my laptop went to shit i was looking through my hem i htink my last post i was talking about cc% and found out its when somone raises and you call the raise so 11.5 percent doesnt seem that far out of the park now. but i was also trying to find other leaks in my game and i noticed a couple things. my showdown percent was good and i was winning money when i went to showdown. but my non showdown hands and money is in the negative. there are a few contributers to this from what i saw. first i could be varriance i played 20k hands since i started using hem and i was right inbetween a 10 buy in up and downswing so it could just totally be varriance. the next issue is not being aggressive enough on the flop or later in the hand, but i have an excuse for that one. basically it 10nl, theres only so much aggression you can have at that limit and get away with it there are a lot of calling stations and if you try and mak big bluffs youll get caugth so i limit my aggression at 10nl i dont really see that as the problem but if i was able to be a little more aggressive it would def. be better for my nonshowdown winnings. the last thing that i could come up with was calling 3 bets. lately i have really been trying to play pots in position including 3 bet pots when someone 3 bets me and im out of position i try to only call with big pairs and big suited connectors unless im really sure they have qq plus, in that case ill call with any pair and smaller sutied connectors in hopes to flop big and get them all in. but i really have been folding a lot of hands out of position and waiting for better spots so i dont see that as a huge contributer but it could be so im even lowering my out of position calling 3 bet range to see if my non showdown winings will improve. it sucks though cause my graph is gone now cause my laptop is gone so thats kinda a bummer but i still know how much ive won or lost this month so all is not totally lost.

for now untill its time to go to vegas im going to work on the multitabling skills and get everything squared away so i can get a jumpstart in vegas when i arrive other than that im pretty excited to really start my poker winter in a couple weeks< till next time stay tuned fellas


  1. alright mate.
    yeah i think i recognise your screen name from the other day. I have chat turned off, so if you said hello i wasnt been ignorant lol.

    GL hope we can hunt the fish together lol

  2. yeah 24 tabling takes a load of practice. Thats what i did, dropped to NL5 in September with a 100 buy-in rule and go from there. (after two years of playing shite and swapping and changing things every week)

    Were you stacking or tiling/cascading. I decided to practice stacking and although i had unsuccessfully tried it before this time round i have got the hang of it and now wouldnt use any other method.

    My HUD doesnt work on my computer stacking as my computer must be two slow, but i make loads of notes and the new note graphic on pokerstars (circling the players avatar) makes it easy to see.

    anyway keep practising and good luck

  3. yeah im making the jump back up to 10nl but im gonna start with like 10 or so tables i havnt played online in about a week so it might be a little weird tryin to jump back into 24 tabling but thanks and gl to you too

    and to amatay im a noob and dont know what link you want to swap lol but im sure i will if you inform a less intelegent person like me what it is haha