Wednesday, November 10, 2010

colorado pit stop

well i made it to colorado last night and got to my aunts house at about 9pm. got all settled in and pretty much hit the sack. from seattle to colorado i drove like 400 miles then took a nap for about 5 hours then drove like another 200 miles and took another hour or so nap then drove the last like 750 miles straight im sure the math doesnt add up but it was about 1350 miles... wait it does add up thats a first. anywhoozle the trip from ak to washington was 2250 miles and then washington to here was 1350 so that 800045 miles i think or 3600 one of those calculations are right. the plan from here is to get some apartments lined up to look at in vegas and then the last week of november ill drive down hopefully have one that i like and then move in on the first and start my vegas life for the winter. on a side note its my birthday today. wooooo. actually not that excited seems like every year that goes by the less exciting it is same with christmas im more happy to give then recieve nowadays kinda the same story with poker i suppose. (plan on changing that this year). so i think today were gonna have a roast or somthing like that which will be nice. also while im here im going to try and see if any of their casinos offer a 1/2 nl spread and ill start live play here as well. my aunt has wifi so ill be able to play online now wich is great ill actually be able to play more than 2 hours a day after work woot woot. im still going to only play 4 tables till i get a desktop setup in my apartment then ill start the 24 tabling adeventure. another note on poker is i played in a casino while i was in washington called the snoqualmie, its a decent casino and poker room and seems like a decent fl holdem spread of 4/8 going on but there no limit spread lacks bigtime they had 3 tables going of nolimit one 2/5 and two 3/5 both with a max of 300$ buy in i would have like to say i just kept walking but that would be what smart people do. yeah i sat down with 300 the play wasnt that great. i think most of them were pretty much regs to the poker room but i really only noticed one that had a decent understanding of the dynamics for that game. i held my own for a while got chiped down to 200 wich was only 20 bb's down which is one of the reasons a 300$ max is horrible. kinda just hung around 200 for a couple hours till i got it in against an asian lady. i had 185 or 190 she recently just took a few beats for like 200$ each they wernt bad beats she just lost flat out and i could tell she was loose. she limped utg mp raised to like 20 and he was a bit loose as well, i had AQ of hearts on the button i re reraised to 60. it folds to the asian lady which shoves another 200. mp folds and it didnt take me long to shove my stack in there. flop comes like 10 8 6 two hearts. i dont really have that much live play so when i got it in and saw some hearts i could feel my my back thumping off the back of my seat from my heart pounding so fast, its a rush playing live after you play online for a while its almost a different feeling. turn was another 8 putting two dimonds on board as well. but eliminating a runner runner straight for me, river missed me and she showed 44. i was pretty sure she was weak thats why i shoved i was pretty much 50/50 on every street specially when the turn came i had like 17 outs so 35% there but yeah im fine with getting my money there in that situation against that player id prolly do it 90% of the time specially cause i only had like 35-40 bb's but none the less i shouldnt have played in that game cause of the structure even though i rarely play limit holdem if i wanted to play live that day i shouldve played the limit game. so i learned a lesson on live game selection that day.

so next time i post i should have a graph to post i dont know how many hands. ill probablly post on sunday or next sunday i really dont know haha but yeah ill put a graph up for the play ive done for the month. either way i think ill post sunday to recap the week lol so dont hesitate to stop on in ya hear!!

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