Sunday, November 7, 2010

road trip update

so far the trip has been going good. after we left the town that i made the last post in the road got a little iffy again about 100 miles away. it was pretty much pure ice for about 200 miles which sucked never ran out of gas or had any flat tires or any problems so far so the trip is going pretty decent were in washington as of right now. were staying at my friends aunts house and tomorow ill continue the trip to colorado for myself and my friend will stay for another week or so with his aunt. i got pretty lucky though cause i had him come with me and then i was going to buy him a ticket to fly home in like a week but turns out his uncle is a pilot that does routine trips to ak every week so he can get a ticket for like 20$ and if he flys on the same flight than its free, works for me :) today we toured seatle a little bit. my aunt use to live in washington so ive been here before but never been to seattle or the other cities around it. wow im already falling in love with this place its gonna make me excited to move here next winter. the driving is akward mostly cause im not use to it but thank god i have a gps. actually we were down town and i was following the gps directions but it cut out for about 15 seconds and i was like i know ill just turn down this street to make a short cut to where its telling me to go. well turns out it was a one way street with cars coming my way! i was like shit this is a one way isnt it haha. i saw an alley way and turned down it. cut the edge to close and the side of my truck scraped against a parked utility van.... lol it was interesting none the less i was like shitty shit shit. me being the good patron i hauled ass away from the scene of the crime. anywhoozle we got to a parking garage and checked out "the damage" its not bad at all just like a little rub mark and actually pretty much rubs off when the rub it. so didnt turn out that bad but sure felt bad lol.other than that the downtown trip went good. found a couple malls and a couple book stores that we checked out. first off when we were in the mall we were walking out of the food court when i saw this super cute girl she was probablly 27 28 but way out of my league, we pass and she shoots me a smile.. i raise my eyebrows and smile aback and that was that. i was pretty suprised. then when we went into this bookstore i saw another super cute girl wearing a tight brown jogging outfit. shes walked passed me and that was about it so i went over to my friend and was looking at some books where he was at and she shows up where we were. i was like ummm then she like goes straight to the section were looking at and bends down to get a book. we both agreed she was there for us to hit on her and you can bet your life we both didnt lol. if i would be in seattle for another month i would have taken the time to talk to them and try and get dates or somthing but yeah both those instances were pretty stunning so i got big expectations when i move here for the dating scene. my friends aunt actually lives like a mile away from one of the higher end casinos in washington called snoqualmie i actually went there last night to check out the poker room. looked alright about 10-15 tables only about 6-8 had action going on them on a saturday night. one bad side to it is that its located directly next to an open club with music blaring. the poker room was enclosed in glass which im assuming is noise canceling but im sure it doesnt cut all the noise out, idk maybe it does i didnt go in it. i might go there tonight and start my live playing there if im not busy, and if they have a 1/2 game going. i think its kinda hard to find a 1/2 game in washington i think its usually limit holdem, mixwd games, or like 2/5 and higher so we'll see. tomorow im going out to eat lunch with guy from work. since the company i work for is based out of seattle i have a lot of work friends here which is good so im going out to eat with them tomorow and then ill be headed to colorado directly after lunch. no poker playing yet to report yet still havnt got a wifi connection for my lappy to play on. when im in colorado my aunts got wifi so ill be playing there. im going to still play 4 tables till i get settled in vegas before i start mass tabling but other than that just enjoying the trip its 50 degrees outside compared to ak's 25 and its only going to get warmer from here!!! till next time listeners get the radio tuned!!

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