Tuesday, November 16, 2010

so ive been having some thaughts lately on my game and schedule. monday went alright i was able to win like 5 buy ins but at the end of the session it fell to 2.5 buy ins ive only got 20k hands of 10nl since ive got hem and from what ive been told a decent sample to really evaluate your game is around 50k hands. none the less after a big bluff gone wrong at the end of the session i started to go over my play a little bit (at 10nl i hardly make big bluffs). all my stats seemed prettys decent vpip is at 19 and pfr is at 12.9 3bets at 4% i like my stats how they are and i dont really see any leaks in those areas except for one i was reading another blog and the guy stated that an online pro stated that if you have a cc% of over 2 then thats a leak. wel mines 11.5% lol im alittle confused on the deffinition of a cold call. theres a lot of material out there saying that a cold call is when somone raises and you call. but that would mean it would be almost impossible to maintain a cc% under 2%. theres other material saying a cold call is when somone raises then theres another raise and then somone calls that which that would make more sense. but what i dont really get is how my cc% is that high cause i really dont remember calling a second raise 11.5 percent of the time thats a lot i think i would notice that. the only thing that i can think of is if they consider a cold call when you call somones 3bet after you already bet but even then if you were only calling 2% of the time then you would be crazily exploitable so im kinda confused on the whole cc% thing i went as far as posting it on 2+2. either way its got my attention and im trying to figure it out and possibly fix my high percent if it is a huge problem. but everything else seems like its on par. as far as thaughts about my schedule ive noticed that there is a low % of 10nl games going during the morning from like 7-11 theres only like 4 tables with an open seat at 40-100bb regular 10nl but if i undo my cash game filters theres a lot more tables but there "fast" tables. its been a while since ive played on fast tables from waht i remember i didnt like playing on them cause you had to make your decisions a lot faster. i dont know if that would be that much of an issue anymore cause ive put in a lot of time since ive played at the fast tables so i think it wont be that bothersom. what im getting at is when i do start to 24 table i plan on waking up like aroun 7 or 8 workout then play online for a few hours before i head to the casino the hours might change a little depending on the days ill prolly spend an hour or to more online durining the weekdays and prolly more hours at the casinos on friday and saturday. but in order for me to be able to fill up 24 tables in the morning before i go to the casino then ill either have to mix the games between 10nl and 5nl of regular 40-100bb talbes. or i can play like half regular and half fast tables of 40-100bb 10nl. which i think ill do the half and half decision. its weird though cause 5nl usually has a lot of tables open, and 25nl has a lot of open tables, but 10nl barely have any open its just weird. so anyways yesterday started off good got a 5 buyin upswing going and now to start the day its fallen to +1 buyin so hopefully i can get a good rush going again and get out of the red from the beggining of the month. to sum it all up though its lookin like im just break even so its not that horrible i suppose

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