Saturday, November 27, 2010

24 table regular!!

so this week has been pretty extreme it feels like. first ill start with life. tomorow im leaving colorado for vegas around 2pm or so. sooo im doing my entry tonight, also i doubt ill play anymore before the 1st of december so this is going to be my monthly recap as well. so to recap the month i got done with my last day of the season of work on the dredge on the first, hung around anchorage for a couple days, played a little bit of poker(didnt do well haha) then me and my friend hit the road for washington the trip was scethcy in some spots but we made it to washington in about 3.5 days so all was good. hung out there for a day and a half and then i went on by myself to colorado to my aunts. had a family thanksgiving dinner here which was nice. my laptop died on me about the first 3 days i was here. buuuut my cousin is awesome and we built a desktop that is super fast and cost about half as much. so i took it upone me for the rest of the week to practice 24 tabling. i dropped down to 5nl to ease any crazy swings from learning to 24 table, but im actually pretty comftorable at it now. ive only been doing it for about 4 days or so but ive got a knack for it already. at first it was difficult and i started doing 12 tables then added more and more untill i had all 24 tables i am really pleased with how fast i learned to get comftorable with it im actually suprised. somtimes i check when i shoulda bet or somthing like that but alltogether im getting it down pretty whenever i get internet setup in vegas im going to start 24 tabling 10nl prolly start at like 15 tables just to get comftorable then jump to 24. i must say though 24 tabling is the way to go if your serious about your game. for one you go through a mass amount of hands super fast which allows you to evaluate your game and notice changes a lot faster. i think at micro and low limits its prolly the only way to go. maybe once you get to like 600nl or somthing then it might be better to drop to like 8 tables or somthing. but yeah so far so good. my success at the tables on the other hand haha.....

so with almost 39,000 hands at nl5 i was able to come out just over 3 buyins up lol!!, but i went through some crazy swings and such. i think the people that read my blog are family and friends but if there are any poker players out there they now about the all in ev. but for those of you who dont the red line is where my winnings should be if i didnt get sucked out on when we were all in and as you can tell at the begining of the week i was getting sucked out on a lot. i think at one point i was like 11 buyins down from where i should have been. variance caught back up with me and i ran it up to like 9 buy in up i think (45$) and then i hit a massive downswing and lost 11 buyins in one day. wich was last night it was pretty gross i was like no way can i lose all this isnt possible. but of course i was wrong. i wasnt tilted but towards the end of the session i wasnt playing right and prolly lost a couple buy ins because of it. i quit for the night shortly after. and today i made up some of my mistakes. as far as play at 5nl goes. i do like my play, sometimes i find myself pushing the envelope on the aggression somtimes it works and somtimes it doesnt. thats one of the downsides of playing against bad players. on the other hand its nice coming across mega fish as well like today a guy sucked out on me and stacked me. later on i have a set and i get it in against him and he had ace high lol. he still had about 150bb so my mouth was watering.(yeah 7.50$ gets me goin) another hand against him i flop a flush draw and chased it to the river and shove and he calls with a pair of 3's hahahha yeah that was great. so even though my graph looks horrible and i came out just above for the week i am hapy with my begining of my 24 tabling experience. as for live play goes i played once in washington and twice in colorado. in washington they were playing a 2/5nl game with a max buyin of 300$ it was a horrible game selection but i couldnt help myself to the live scene and dropped 300 in a few hours. i didnt play bad just the way the cards fell pretty much. as for colorado. they have a weird game at the only casino that has a poker room in colorado lol. if theres 5 or less players thes one 1$ blind and if theres 6 or more players theres one 2$ blind. most of the players there are old gramps and are pretty tight and limp like crazy the first time i played there was a little action and there was only one player that i thaught new the dynamics of abc poker. oh yeah the betting is capped at 10$ so the max i could raise to is 10$ and then somone could raise it 10 more and i could make it 10 more to go but only 10$ is the maximum which is good for losers and horrible for winners. but the first time i came out 125$ up and i didnt think id go back for another go but my aunt had some people look at her house so i left for the day back there.i found out that if you play 3 hours of poker or more there they will comp you a room and pay for your meals. this one lady has been there for 140 days apparently. it sounds like a sweet deal if they woul offer higher limits to the poker but i guess its law that thats the limits they can offer. so the second time i went started playing with 4 old guys that would limp and never call a raise and if they did they often foled on the flop it was nuts i made like 25$ in like 4 hours it suckedi was straddling and everything and they would not raise worth of nothing. the only time they raised was if they had jj or better. but after 6pm came arounda bit more people came in and we had a full table of players that actually gambled. a young kid like my self who braught his hot girlfriend a long. seriously i guess he was a bartender in town somwher but his girl was hot. and he had douche stamped across his forhead pretty much. anyways he sat down to my left and things got interesting. if he had top pair he would raise and he didnt fold. at first i tried bluffing him like 3 seperat occasions that all failed. untill i was like alright ill just let this guy pay for me. i won a big pot against him with kk and then i hit a flush on the river against him on another hand and get paid off and on another occasion i won a hand against him as well. anyways after he got busted i won a little more and eneded the night with 175$. if that were my local game i could be a big winner in it but im kinda glad its not lol. so with my winings in colorado i came out break even in live play. i wasnt really going to count these wins or losses against me because i was pretty much just having fun. but since i came out break even looks like it worked out anyway. but as far as my bankroll goes this month started off kinda crappy and never got anybetter i wasnt really able to put a lot of volume in at 10nl so i wasnt able to gain back my losses, and since i was only 24 tabling at 5nl i didnt see much gains either but its ok i cant wait for next month my roll sits at 4000$ for live and 1634$ for online. i started the month with 1750 for online so im down 116$ so far. thats no big deal i can win that in a day of 24 tabling 10nl . which is the plan haha. but yeah im really hoping i can find an apartment super fast and get internet super fast so i can start this journey for real. if things go decent i can deffinitly see myself making atlest 500 a month online, from 10nl and hoefully like 1000 live. im not in it for the money at this point more so the experience and the practice but if things go right i might be able to jump to 25nl but we will just have to see about that. anyways im super excited for tomorow to head to vegas for the winter its going to be an awesome winter. except for right now i think they been getting into the 30's for there weather. theres like a cold front going through or somthing, but i think its supposed to get warmer from here on out.

so the next time i update will probablly be in my new apartment which hopefully will be soon, ill post pics of the trip and vegas and my apartment so until then cosmonauts stay tuned and gl at the tables


  1. Variance can really suck. And it can get you at any level.... I remember dropping $8 buy-ins in an hour at 2NL. Sick.

    I just began following your blog, good luck!

  2. yeah i know what you mean thanks though gl to you too