Wednesday, December 8, 2010

vegas life

alright where to begin. wellll the last post i did was the day before i left colorado to come to vegas so ill start from there. i left my aunts house in colorado in the afternoon and headed to vegas it was like 850 miles or so and took like 14 hours or somthing if i can remember right slept on the road for like 6 hours or so and got to vegas around noon. when i arrived my insides were turning and i became super nervous for a lot of reasons. first i have never lived by my self and this would be the first time i had my own place second it was vegas and last it was just crazy that i actually went through with moving here for the winter, but after i got here i went to my ex girlfriends parents house and pretty much just hung out for the day my ex showed me a couple apartment complex's she thaught were nice and i drove around a bit. the next day i did some more apartment shopping and decided to go with like the first one i looked at the day before. its a really nice apartment complex with a gated community in a new part of town i got a really large one bedroom 1 bath for 635$ a month its almost to big for me i dont have living room furniture so it looks really baren in here right now. and im realllly procrasanting on buying a couch and new t.v. for the living room im just lazy and dont want to spend the time moving it in and out when it comes time to pack up and move again. buuut on the downside if i bring any potential victims errr i mean girls or any one over for a mater of fact and i dont have furniture it might be a little okward sooo i dont know i might who knows its a coin flip. it only took me like 2 days to get an apartment once i got here and then one day for them to shampoo the carpets and i moved in the next day so it really didnt take long at all. and ive been in it for about 4 days i think and justy got internet set up so tomorow i will start grindin online as well. so far since ive been here my nerves have calmed down and i love living here so far. i love my apartment and i love going to the city and the casino everyday its been great so far. ive been playing at the venetian everyday and im pretty sure ill be spending 95% of my live play there. its just they have a good staff good games theyre right on the strip and the poker room is right at the main entrance from the strip and easily seen from the casino so a lot more tourist play in the poker room versus some of the casinos where the poker rooms are in the back and you ahve to go search for them to play. but all around its a really nice place to play. i was talking to one of the dealers today that also plays there i think he plays 1/2 and 2/5 but on ocassions he plays 5/10 so i asked if i could sweat him when he plays 5/10 and he sayed yeah so that will be cool. also i went down to the bellagio and checked out their room, i dont really care for it there tables are super close together and their staff dont really care about low limit players but i was just looking around to check it out and i walked by a room in the casino with a wpt sign in front of it and saw men the master nugyn or however you spell it but he was walking out so i sayed hey and he threw me a 5k chip.... jk hahah no i saw him walking out so i looked inside and there was a wpt event going on with cameras and everything i was like oh ok i think it was the main event for the wpt. only saw a few big names like antonnio esfandearri, scott sceiver and a couple others. big name poker players arnt really rated high in my books to me either are famous people they are just people to me but it was still cool seeing people i seen on tv in real life. i didnt stick around long and went back to the venetian.

as far as my play and 1/2nl play goes. right now im down like 15$ haha. the day i started i lost like 150 then i ran ok and came out up 500 and then the past couple days ive lost and now im down 15$ part of it was getting use to live play and figuring out some things and twerks about live play but yeah so far pretty much just break even. im still sticking with 20 buyins for live play so i got 4k for a live roll. its deff. different playing live. for one raising 3x the bb pre flop is okward to players a normal rais is 4x-6x i dont like raising a lot preflop cause it just feels like throwing money away when you miss or have to lay down and other situations. so i lean toward the 4x raise now for live. i started raising 3x and i would always get like 4-6 callers so i up'd it to 4x and usually its only like 2-3 callers. another thing is there are a lot of limpers and if you raise in position and one calls they pretty much all call so isolation plays only work a few times haha. and then theres bluffing issues. id say the main money ive won have been from bluffing and the main money that ive lost so far has been from bluffing lol. its deffinitley a fine line if your too aggressive with your bluffing it never seems to work and and if you dont bluff then you dont win very many hands. but at those limits i think being a nit is the best way to go but its sooooo hard . i mean i dont get bored playing live but if i think of a situation or a play it takes so long for that situation to come around again for me to make the play. some plays i still notice that work is isolation raises pre flop and then continutation bluffs on the flop. those bluffs and then bluffing regulars are like the only bluffs you can count on so im pretty much going to limit my self to those. or at least try and limit my self. as far as the play a 1/2 goes it plays aaaa lot like 10nl online. well it plays like 5nl preflop it seems like and then 10nl after that. theres hardly any 3 bets except with premiums usually so thats kinda exploitable. but all in allif i can stay patient and play nitty or somwhat consistant, then i shouldnt have a problem coming out ahead bare minimum break even. it would be really awesome if i could win enough to move up to 2/5nl for the last couple months im here but we'll see. im not really here to make money at poker although i wouldnt mind it but its more for the experience and everything that goes along with it.

so tomorow really starts my schedule. ive got a routine ive got planned out but we will see how it goes. im going to wake up eat and play online poker for 3-4 hours then work out and then head to the casino for the remainder of the day and do that day in and day out. of course ill make time for other things as well i still want to have a lot of fun outside of poker, one thing im interested in doing when it gets really warm out is possibly going sky diving most likely just once but yeah i think i might do it. as well as go clubbing and see some shows and other things. the mma fights are coming up i think in like a week between koschec and gsp i would like to see that but its kinda late in the game to get decent tickets so ill have to wait for another one to come up. also dating... i dont want a girlfriend but i do want to take girls out on dates just for the company and enjoyment and stuff like that so im working on that im still a relatively shy guy but im working on it so what ever i do post about girls will def. be entertaining most likely me making a fool of myslef. oh and also big news for me lol. ive got my first public follower. i know a couple friends look at my blog from time to time and a couple family members well my dear old mommy was my first follower of course but besides her ive got my first public follower so im movin up in the world woot woot. yeah i know im a loser. so i think ill post again sunday after i get home from the casino so untill the gangsters keep yo 40's full

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