Sunday, December 26, 2010

going somwhere

so just to throw it out there live poker the last 2 days sucked but im going to get to that. ill start with the happenings in my slife since theres not much to talk about. uuuumm yeah not much is happend this week in my life well there was christmas but it wasnt super special. since im away from family i went over to my ex girlfriends house. even though shes not there me and her mom are a little close so i had a lunch diner thing with them which was good. its the first home cooked meal ive had in about a month lol. unless you count restuaraunts. but besides that its been the same thing poker poker poker and working out.

now since my life right now is revolving around poker i guess ill get to the details. to start the week things were going good my bankroll continued to grow live and online so i was running good. i wasnt on a heater or anything i feel i was just playing good and things were going good. untill the last 2 days. well its actually the last 3 days cause i didnt play live on christmas. online is going good still my roll sits at 1850$ i was able to get that 50$ reward as well so that helped but i am on an upswing. i dont feel like im on a heater except for one spot but i feel like im just playing good and im seeing good results. im going to wait till the end of the month to post my graph cause i want to post my showdown dollars as well. i think in my last post i said i wanted to be a little more aggressive when in the pots with regulars. i was gonna wait untill next month so i could compare months but ive already kinda started. i mean only a few times but the times where i was more aggressive instead of giving up i think i won but its not a big enough sample to say ive totally switched my game already but next month i am going to try and be a lot more aggressive when in the pots with regulars and see if my showdown dollars change any. as far as live go the start of the week was going great like i said my bankroll was climbing and on thursday i was at 6600$ then going into friday i set a goal for my self and said i wanted to get to 7000$ before the month ended and that same night i was able to make 400$ and get to that goal. the table broke up and i went to another table and "the hand" happend. i had 10 10 in the sb it folded to like the hijack and the guy raises to 6$, cutoff and button fold i call and bb folds. the flop come like 4 7 10 with two dimonds. i check and he bets 10$ i raise to 40$ and he calls. the turn is the 9 of dimonds. i bet 40 and he raises another 40$. at this point i felt he had dimonds its the only pot i was in with him and he seemd like a straight forward played and never seen him bluff. but he gave me odds to catch a full house so i called the 40$ i had about 125$ left. the river was a j of like spades or somthin. i check and he takes a breath, sighs and says all in. pretty obvious hes got a made hand right. so if he was bluffing with kq he made a straight, i still thaught he might have dimonds, also if he had jj he now had a higher set. the only thing i could really beat was a lower set or 2 pair but 2 pair really wouldnt do that so it was an auto fold...... except i didnt auto fold. dohhh!! i tanked for a couple minutes and reluctantly called i felt like i was beat but i wanted to win the hand. in that spot im confident in saying i can get away from a set 85-90% of the time but that time was the time i just couldnt fold it. after that i lost a small pot and decided it was time to quit. i wasnt tilted but i didnt feel like i was playing right after that so i quit. despite losing all that money i still managed to end that day 40$ up haha. but that hand lingered in my head for about a day and a half i wasnt trying to, but i was really beating myslef up over it but i cant stay in the past and i learned from it and moved on. didnt play on christmas and now today happend. first las vegas is packed. like i left christmas eve and it had a bit of people but i came back the day after christmas and the whole city is packed its crazy, the poker room was packed which was good cause there should be a lot of dead money floating around. i sat at a table and withing the first hour took a bad beat. i wont complain about it but i was a 70% favorite on the turn when we got it all in and he sucked out on the river so boo hoo. wasnt a big deal bad beats happen and it was only my second all in bad beat ive had since i started the month so i blew it off. but my table was juicy and there were a few bad players i could pick off if things went right. but they didnt the cards just went south for me and to top it all off i played a pot where i bluffed the turn when a king peeled off which might of worked but it gave the guy 2 pair haha i then my stack slowly went away after that. i was like ill go watch the volcano at the mirage then ill eat dinner and come back and play. all though things wernt going smoothly i was still feeling fine to play and still felt mentally focused. so while i was eating i decided im just going to cut my losses today, come home blog and do whatever else. i lost 600$ today... its the most ive lost in one day since ive been here. but for the week im still up 100$ haha my roll sits at 6000$. i dont think im going to be able to make another 1000$ before the end of the month but im not giving up. there is a lot of people playing in the poker room because everyones here for new years so the games should be really juicy so im definitlly not giving up hope, i usually do give myself a dollar amount to try and reach for as a goal but i just wanted to get to 3000$ up so it would be able to calculated an average wich woulda been 100$ a day but im still doing dedcent i think 2000$ up is plenty fine with me i thaught i would only win or lose like 500$ with all the swings i encounter online but guess not. also if things go right for the rest of the month and then if next month goes as well as this one has i will be pretty close to being rolled for 2/5nl but if i do make enough to play in it i think im just gonna start by playing in it on the weeknds but thats if things go right i still have a while to find out.if i do make another 1000$ though im going to dable in the 1/3nl game at the aria maybe play there on the weeknds or somthing. another thing i forgot to mention in my life section was that my camera took a crap on me. i had it in a bag with a couple things i baught from the store and when i came baack from the casino the bag was wet on the inside and then i had to have a funeral for my camera. i dont know where the wetness came from but the result was the death of my camera. i telling you guys that cause i want to be felt sorry for. lol jk i was going to post some pictures of vegas on here but ill have to do that next post, hopefully ill have some of new years as well it should be a good night. speaking of that topic, i dont know if ill post on the first to recap the month. i might need a day or 2 of recovery before im able to stare at the computer screen or remember what actually happens haha. also i think im going to take like 2 or 3 days off from poker after new years. this month has been nothing but poker. and although im loving it i need to slow down for a couple reasons. i kinda feel it but not fully but i dont want to get burned out and also i need to give myself time to enjoy the other things in vegas. so im going to try and finish the month strong and hopefully things go right untill then and then relax for a couple days and do whatever i need to do. so i guess the next time will be after the new year so gl at the tables happy new year and stay tuned fellow degenerates

edit: so i just tried my old camera one last time for good measure and long behold it works... god damnit, now i might just be on tilt. im not going to return the new one though cause my luck with digital cameras sucks. ive gone through one every year for the past 5 years so i due for it to break eventually. most likely on new years when i need it the most. so im keeping the new one for a spare but yeaahhh...

edit edit: ok so i tried it agian and it doesnt turn on it only turns on ocassionally so its not dependable and i might as well label it as brokt. i need a drink

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