Friday, December 31, 2010

december review, new year

so december was full of entertainment, to start things off i arrived in vegas like the 28th of november i think and i found and moved into my apartment on the 2nd took about a week for me to get internet so after i was settled in i played a lot of live poker. it seems like ive been averaging 2500-3000 hands of online poker a day and then like 7-10 hours of live poker probablly around 350 hands on average. the month the first week of play was a little slow and i was just breaking even in live play and when i started online as well. then i hit an upswing in both live and online for about 15-20 days i won 3000$ live (15 buy ins) and 200$ online (20 buyins). then the last week of the month i hit a wall and have been slowly losing money im 1500$ up in live play and im a little over 100$ up in online play. so im still ending the month on a good note but the end of the month kinda put a hurt on my happy endning.

so far living in vegas is awesome to me. the weather is great, lots to do, and plenty of poker. this next month im going to take it a little bit easier because pretty much all of december was a steady grind. im still going to put plenty of poker in but im going to make time for other things as well. im starting to be known in the poker comunity at the venetian, well at the 1/2 tables anyway. the regulars there know me theres a few people that im kinda making friends with. 2 of them are a little older ones like 30-33 and the others probablly 26-28 but we havnt talked poker or anything yet but we give each other heads ups when theres good tables and other things. the other guy is probablly like 25 or so and weve been talkin a bit and exchanged numbers and even got some food and talked poker a little bit. he been grinding for a bit but i dont think hes a 100% professional, but he is a very analytical player with a very open style of play i can see myself learning a lot by playing with him and talking poker, which is one of the things i was looking forward to doing is finding a poker friend so i can talk stratagey and exchange ideas so thats a plus. also some people i have played with this month have told me that my game is verry solid, some of the regs told me they would rather not play with me and that i could even play 2/5 and 5/10 if i wanted, which i think i am very capable of playing both limits but i want to be rolled for it before i do. but hearing people tell me that they respect my game gives me confidence in myself and lets me know things are going in the right direction

today is also newyears eve and i was planing on playing a few hours of live poker but they wouldnt let me park at the venetian unless i was a guest there. so i picked up my vip at the palms for the new years eve party at the clubs there and headed home to blog and get ready for the night. another thing is im in the making of a video that im going to try and post on the blog within the next couple posts. its basically just my routine of life style since ive moved here and im going to try and get some footage of new years tonight so ill try and include that in the video as well. ill make a second video as well but it will be me 24 tabling but it will probablly only be like a 15 minute video or somthing.

displaying my showdown results makes it a little hard to see the details of my win rate but i wanted to show how my showdown results are going. as you can see when i go to showdown (which is the blue line)i am making money, but when im in a hand that doesnt usually go to showdown (the red line) im losing money. it is hard to have a red line that is above positive without having your blue line fall dramatically, but what i want to focus on this next month is being a little more aggressive in pots with people i think can laydown hands, mostly regulars. i would like to see my redline level out a little bit more but that also means that my blue line will most likely fall a bit, but if i can find the happy medium of aggression then my winrate should go a lot higher.

since i was able to end this month with positive results i am going to aim for the same results in january. this really is the first month that my results have been positive from just my play, and im starting to believe im begining to be a wining player. for right now my goal is to be consistant and try and get a decent win rate. after that my goal will be how much volume i want and then i will look to see how much money i want to try and make, but im taking it step by step so thats my month so far things went really hot for a bit but cooled off at the end hopefully january will be awesome as well and the next post will be in 2011. video coming soon so stay tuned

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