Monday, January 3, 2011

vegas video

so i finished my vegas video a couple days ago and got it all edited but i was having a little trouble downloading it to the blog post but i was able to figure it out. anyway its basically just my lifestyle as of late and it has a few minutes of new years eve at the palms clubs... dont judge me at the end of the video i was a bit duuurruunkk. besides all that hope you like it enjoy

also like i stated in other posts i plan on making another like 15 minute video of me 24 tabling the micro stakes but i dont know when i plan on doing it but i do plan on doing it sometime, to recap everything else i havnt played poker since the new year ive taken a few days off but i plan on getting back into the action tomorrow. i might actually play some online poker tonight. im feeling good about this month so hopefully i can end the the first month of the year in the black as i did the last month of the old year. not much else to report so ill post next time somthing comes along

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