Sunday, January 23, 2011

sunday recap

alright well this week has been entertaining i suppose ill start with poker. so to start the week i think my live roll was at 6800 or 6500 i cant remember anyway it didnt really go anywhere im sitting at 6600 so play for this week was pretty breakeven for live poker. online poker was still going shitty for me and like on wednesday or thursday i checked my hem and i had 70,000 hands at 10nl i had a profit of .02 cents. thats right a 70k breakeven stretch at 10nl. if you want i will allow degrading comments and hatefull emails as well so have at it. it did turn around slighty after being down to -10 buyins for the month i was able to get back into it and now im only down -3.5 buyins so who knows i might be able to breakeven this month. as far as volume goes thats an epic fayul. i have like 34k hands in this month wich is horrible for 24 tabling. but on my behalf the month up to now was going pretty weak so i havnt been spending much time online but even if i do break even it is fine with me seeing how thats what im trying to acieve at least while trying to improve my play. also signed up at dueces cracked and have watched a few videos so far. first off i watched a video from 2008 about abc play and all i can say is wow. there perception of playing a solid game in 2008 is so far behind in stratagey now which just goes to show you how fast the game improves and advances, also they did a short thing on table selection and they had a shot of 50nl talbe with the stats in the lobby and like the least amount of players per flop were 25% but most of them were between 35%-45% and all of the tables had high average pots. which just goes to show you how weak the games were only 2 years ago and how solid even the micros are becoming. that was a 50nl too! its almost like online poker is becoming a true break even venture. wich isnt totally true cause there will always be fish and the hard workers will end up with the money but its deffinitley getting a lot harder. one video i watched was from a guy who also coaches and he sayed that when he has students that play at the micros he really urges them to move up to higher limits once they have a decent understanding of the game and decent stratagey, if they have money for a bankroll that is. i feel the same way with my game i really do feel like i have a solid game and understanding of the game to at least beat 50nl. but i dont want to jump to that quite yet. though i am really leaning towards depositing more money once i start working in the summer again and move up to 25nl and im pretty sure i will unless i just have horribly bad results this winter then i wont but most likely i will. also i was reading a thread on 2+2 about abc poker and one of the regulars on there defined it really well he said that abc poker isnt a certain style or way to play poker. it means making the right moves at the right times and situations. so that could me you only flat call a nit with qq to play the flop out instead of 3betting or 4 bet bluffing a lag with high 3bet percentages. which could all be deffintions of abc playing. which i totally agree with his statement. he also said one of the happiest time in poker for him was when holdem manager labeled him as "abc" after reading that i quickly opened hem and checked my label and yep im labeled as abc wich just gives me that much more reasurance that i have a decent understanding of the game and how to go about things. (even though im just breaking even right now :S ) but yeah so things are moving a long in poker but this month is kinda bleh so far.

as for life this week i think it might be the most enjoyment that ive had since ive been here. nothing super special but i was just enjoying the opportunities that living in vegas has to offer. seeing how online poker was going badly at the start of the week on wednesday i decided to go to the grandcanyon and although i was alone cause i ma loser lol it was still a really good time and its an experience i cant put into words but i deffinitley recomend going if you have the chance. then thursday i went to the shark reef at mandalay bay wich was pretty cool as well. i think i went somwhere else to but cant remember.

now for last night so i went to surrender in the encore took a little bit to get in. there was like large amounts of people in the "reserved table" line and in the "invited guest" line as for the general admission line which is where i was standing there was probablly about 10 people all of which didnt feel like dropping 60$ online to get into the club 30 minutes faster. anyway after getting in and getting a drink i checked out the whole club. its a lot like xs but a little smaller theyve got a back area where there are pools for the summer time and then a small gambling area with a craps table and like 5 or 6 blackjack tables and then a seperate bar. in the main part of the club where the dj is posted up theres not really that much of a dance floor which is a bit of a downside to the club but on the other hand i found it a lot easier to talk to girls in surrender than i did in xs. if i would compare the two i would say xs is more for people wanting to ahve a really good time in the club atmosphere and dance the night away and have fun but surrender i would say is more open for meeting people having fun and a bit of dancing as well. as far as any "action" goes well i guess im just gay. you guys can label me as that i suppose. i mean i do talk to girls and everytime ive went out ive had a couple dances including last night with a really pretty girl that i want to have babies with. but besides that i lack bigtime trying to get them out of the club and into the sheets. i had a plan last night of just having fun in the club and then after going to one of the stage bars in the casino and try and meet a girl which i did but right as i sat down the bartender told me they were closing. "epic fayul". so much for that plan. in my behalf though since ive been here ive only been out about 4 or 5 times where i actually tried to meet girls so i guess im just beating myself up haha. on a side note i went into the front building of my apartment complex to fax a peice of paper to my job and there was a really cute receptionist there. she faxed it for me and we exchanged a few short sentences and i left. i sat in my truck for like a minute and was like that a perfect opportunity to ask a girl out and i passed it up so i man'd up and went back in there asked if she was seeing anybody and if she wanted to go out for lunch. she sayed she had a serious boyfriend and was sorry but she couldnt. so either im running bad or she made a good bluff. more likely the second option. either way im glad i asked her cause she was really the only girl ive asked out on a date besides my ex girlfriends that didnt involve me being intoxicated so i might be getting some encouragment to talk to girls. i also want to her to have my babies but dont tell her boyfriend that.

anyways thats how the week has been hopefully i can get out of the red in online poker now that i have a chance and maybe make a couple big scores in live poker so i think the next post will be a month recap post unless somthing magical happens that i need to updat about so till then pedofiles stay tuned :)


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