Wednesday, January 12, 2011

metaphorically inapropriate

well so far this week i am having mixed feelings about. to start the week off monday was pretty horrible for online poker at my high point i was up like 60$ (6 buy ins) and then fell to 20$ and kinda went up and down but 20$ seemed like where i was staying at and then monday hit and i just got my ass kicked by it there were 3 seperate times i got it in on the turn with a set and the evil villans sucked out on me but besides all the bad beats i was right at 0$ so i was breaking even for the month. and then tuesday wasnt much better and i lost like 5$ when it was all said and done and then today i was just playing like crap and was basically a calling stationed even got called a donk wouldnt you imagine that haha. so right now im sitting at like -20$ for the month. besides the last couple days i think i was playing decent and was up 6 buyins 2 seperate occasions but i feel it was just the way variance was going this week besides the days i played like crap. also i only play like 2500 hands a day or less if im running bad so right now i think i got like 17000 hands in which if i was playing 6-8 hours a day thats only 2 days of poker so its not much to talk about when you put it in that for live poker things have turned around this week and within the pas 2 days i won 1000, monday went decent and i think i left with like 300 and then tuesday i went to the mgm cause the venetian was pretty much dead and i hit a heater and won like 7 or 800 there and today i went to the orleans and played for like 3 hours and won like 20 haha. one of the regulars that i played with at the venetian told me he had been playing at the orleans the past couple of days and that the players there are pretty bad and its easy money. so since the venetian was dead again i thaught id check it out. the orleans is off of tropicana and its like 3 or 4 blocks south of the palms off the strip. i think its like a major locals casino, and its actually a relatively big casino but that being said its realtively crappy too. its not a high end luxury casino to say the least. and the poker room is probablly as big as the venetians which i think the venetians is the biggest on the strip. but it was pretty busy and i think its like everyone who gets off of work who doesnt want to go to the strip goes there or thats what it seemed like. usually the regulars i run into are pretty tight. but these players were just bad if anyone has played at the mgm its pretty much the same calibur of play maybe slightly worse. but the poker room is kinda crappy as well its crazy though how you can go to one casino and then go to a different one and the players skills are drastically different its just weird to me. i think venetian is rated at having a better skill level than most though but im fine with it. back to the orleans though. the reason i only won 20$ there was cause i kept running into bigger hands and had to throw mine away i think i was up 100 at a point but yeah just the way the cards went i suppose. i think id rather play at mgm than orleans though just as a preference. so besides that i kinda have rule i go by i want to share i guess. i got it from phil ivey and im not trying to be like phil ivey does it so im gonna do it but it makes sense so i incorporate it into my play as well. but it goes if im winning i put in a lot of hours and if im losing than i quit even if its early. it makes sense cause if your winning usually your playing well and the other players arnt and if your losing it might be cause your not playing as well and the other players are. so on tuesday when i started winning a lot at the mgm i played from like 6pm to 6am went home and fell straight to sleep haha i probablly should have played a little longer but our table was down to like 5 handed and was gonna break so i just quit. one thing i dont like about that though is that i like to be on a schedule i like waking up everyday at noon and doing my routine so i gotta get back to my time schedule but no biggie. so ill do a mid month review on sunday and hopefully i can get into the black in online poker and get some results going also ill post a graph then as well and maybe i can win a bit more money in live poker before than as well so stay tuned listeners

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