Thursday, January 20, 2011

holy views

ive been having a bit of thaughts in my head so far this week so ive decided to post them before i forget them before sunday. first off online poker is going pretty horrible i am on a pretty bad downswing, i am running well below ev but also the last few sessions ive played my play could have murdered superman. well not quite that horrible but you get the point. anyway i didnt play today for a couple of reasons one was just to give myself a little break from the grind, and the downswing, and also i wanted to expierience my vegas trip a little more than just poker, so today i got up at 11 and headed to the grand canyon. the spot that i went to is about 2.5 hours away and it has a glass walkway you can go out on that hangs out like 40 feet into the canyon.

i was going through a little bit of a slump and was like i need to do somthing other than poker and get my mind off of things and then the grand canyon popped in my head and i looked it up online and then i found that spot. its called sky walk if anyones interested. and yesterday my roll live roll was at 6825$ so i decided to delve into the 1/3nl game at the aria. things didt really go hot there and i lost 200$ which isnt that big of a deal just a random losing session. but i was thinking about my bankroll a lot in that game.i do feel like its better suits my style of play and i think i can be a winner in it but i dont want to have to worry about losing money if i play in it. i dont mind taking shots but if im going to play in agame for a substantial amount of time i want to be able to ride the swings that varriance will give. so im deciding to just play 1/2nl and occasionally play at the aria maybe on the weeknds or somthing. i think my last month or so here ill start playing bigger just cause its my last month maye even playing in some 2/5. also once i got home yesterday i was going over my play since its been a little while and i was thinking about finding more ways to improve my play and the thaught of online poker videos came into my head. i had this thaught in my head that i was going to wait till next year to start watching videos but i reasessed the situation. i could wait till next year but when i move to washington online poker will probablly still be illegal and i most likely wont be able to play besides live cardrooms so trying to introduce things i see on the videos will be harder in a live game vs. online. i could wait till i start working but even then i only have a few hours after work to do things and id rather play poker than watch poker. so it left me with subscribe now. ive never been against subscribing to a poker video website it was just me kinda being stubborn. pretty much the same feelings i had towards using hem but im glad i got hem and im sure i will be happy i subscribed. i ended up subscribing to dueces cracked if that matters. ive already watched a couple videos today and i can see myself improving a lot if i study the videos. usually whenever i get home from the casino i spend a couple hours online doing whatever before going to bed so i can easily fill that time with a video or 2 wich should be good. also i got my tourney ticket into the wbcoop so im not sure if it only allows you into 1 tourney or all 5 but ill be playing one of them anyway, maybe i can land a seat into the main event so fingers crossed. its been a while since ive spent a decent amount of time in tourneys so i know im rusty but oh well. tomorrow ill be starting my grind back up. i dont know if ill be able to get out of the red in online ive pretty much just lost all of my winnings from last month so its been an epic fayul this month but im still upbeat about it. live is going decent so hopefully i can score some more wins before the end of the month. oh and i plan on hittin the club this saturday too. im gonna go to club surrender in the encore so ill report how that goes on sunday. most likely the usuall with my head hung low with dissapointment so yeah i think that covers my thaughts ill post sunday and go recap the week

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